Driver's License Access to MeL

Why do I have to use my driver's license or state ID to use certain parts of MeL?

The Library of Michigan purchased this $5 million collection of resources for exclusive use by Michigan residents. The log-in process simply provides reasonable assurance to the database providers that the user is a Michigan resident.

What if I don't have a driver's license?

You can use a state ID instead. State IDs are issued at Secretary of State offices for a nominal fee (under $10). There is no age requirement to get an ID, but you must prove you are a Michigan resident. IDs are valid for four years. For more details, including required documentation, contact the Michigan Secretary of State.

What about user privacy?

The method used by the Library of Michigan to verify that a user is a Michigan resident does not give the Library access to any personal or driving record information. The log-in is via a secure Web server and log-in numbers are not captured or stored.

What about access for children?

Children may use a parent's license number (with permission, of course) or parents may get state IDs for their children. There is no age requirement to get a state ID.

I already get to these resources from home using a password my library gave me. Can I still use that?

Absolutely. All of the former methods for getting to the databases still work.

Updated 08/02/2011