Library Initiatives

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    Libraries are called on to be a resource for many topical issues and the Library of Michigan is supportive of public library involvement in these state and national initiatives. Some of the initiatives are ones that the Library of Michigan is involved in by providing training and materials, others are issues where the Library has information to provide to libraries. Please see the initiatives below for a range of materials.

The Turning Outward approach involves asking the right questions to find out what your community really wants, and bringing together the right teams to help make those dreams a reality. Libraries around the country are using the approach to better understand their communities and to bring about positive change.
The Library of Michigan has purchased a software subscription to help you keep track of your reading programs.
PLA's latest field-driven initiative, Project Outcome helps libraries better measure the outcomes of the services they offer to patrons and provide the resources and support to effectively communicate and implement their findings for advocacy, partnership, and planning activities.
Libraries are essential to success and progress in the digital age. The Aspen Institute's perspective on the 21st-century library builds on the public library?s proven track record in strengthening communities and calls for libraries to be centers of learning, creativity and innovation in the digital age. No longer a nice-to-have amenity, the public library is a key partner in sustaining the educational, economic and civic health of the community during a time of dramatic change.
The Secretary of State has a partnership with Michigan libraries to promote access to their time-saving online services.