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July 2nd - August 31st, 2018

Donna Rey-Taylor is a local artist who spent most of her life in Lansing area. She received her formal education at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. Her passion is representing the beauty of Michigan in her paintings and showing her love of Michigan, especially Mackinac Island. Her work is intended to encourage the audience to enjoy Michigan's splendor with her. She also asks the viewers to not look for hidden meanings in the art but to enjoy her use of Color, Drama, Detail, and Depth. She strives for "True to Life" representation in her interpretation of fine art.


September 15
State Law Library

Does your teenager understand that a lot of things considered “fun and games” or “just a part of growing up” actually might lead to conduct that is against the law? Teens and their parents are invited to participate in an interactive discussion about teenager misconduct and parental responsibility in situations involving parties, social media, dating, driving, bullying, hanging out with friends, and money matters. To register, call 517-373-0630 or email Program is free of charge.

Updated 07/20/2018