Harwood Institute Community Engagement Project

  • Harwood Institute Community Engagement Project

    The Library of Michigan and the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services are pleased to announce a third round of community engagement training program is underway for Michigan library community. The training, led by coaches from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, is being provided through 2018 for an additional 50 participants from selected Michigan communities.  The third round includes a competitive application process and participation in a 3-day lab and in-person and virtual coaching over 18-month period. 

    The first cohort of 50 members began their training programin March of 2016, the second group of 50 began in October of 2016 and the latest 50 participants in November of 2017.  The initiative came from work being done in the Michigan library community using Harwood Institute methods of community engagement as well as the ongoing Libraries Transforming Communities work from the American Library Association and the Harwood Institute.

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  • This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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