MI Library Quest

MI Library Quest



Quest Winners

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for helping to "slay the dragon!"  This contest ended July 30, 2020.  See you for our next library quest coming later this year...

Calling all Adventurers!
Your quest starts here...

I am King Thaddeus Brockwright the Third and I request your aid in ridding my kingdom of the dreaded bronze dragon. The destruction and devastation to our villages is horrendous, and we can’t hold out much longer. We know the dragon is strong so you will need to gather additional supplies for your journey. Luckily dragons are predictable and after a week of eating, it will take a full month of rest to digest its full stomach. This means you have exactly 30 days to retrieve your items and face the dragon before he is awake again at full strength.

Each of my villages has prepared and hidden items on their library website to help you along your journey; you will need to retrieve at least 23 of these items before you will be able to face the dragon. Collect your 23 items and log their names under the name of the village library where you collected them in the Dragon Eradication Inventory in order to proceed. Once the dragon is defeated, each province will be distributing awards randomly among the participating adventurers. Good luck, and come back victorious!

Quest begins on July 1 and ends on July 30, 2020 
The Mi Library Quest challenge is made up of public libraries across Michigan and supported in part by the Library of Michigan.


Kingly Decrees for Dragon Eradication

  1. MI Library Quest is a virtual summer program designed to encourage teens to explore libraries across the state of Michigan. You will locate codes on the websites of participating libraries, tell us what you found, and enter those codes in the Dragon Eradication Inventory (Google form). All entries with at least 23 codes are eligible for a chance to win fun prizes.

  2. MI Library Quest is open to teens in the state of Michigan.

  3. MI Library Quest begins on July 1, 2020. All entries must be submitted by July 30, 2020. Prize winners will be announced on July 31, 2020.

  4. You will be provided with a list of library websites where you will find a hidden MI Library Quest image and its accompanying code:

Mi Library Quest Logo
The blacksmith of
the village hands

These codes will be items you will need to enter into the Dragon Eradication Inventory (a Google form) to complete the final MI Library Quest. Please note that the MI Library Quest code will not necessarily be hidden on the library’s homepage.

  1. To be eligible for prizes, you must submit the Dragon Eradication Inventory in its entirety as specified by the Quest rules.

  2. You must find at least 23 codes to qualify for a prize.

  3. While gathering codes, use the Village Travel Guide to keep track of your codes before you submit them in the Dragon Eradication Inventory.

  4. Only one submission per teen will be accepted. 

       Library Quest Scroll

Quest Resources
Quest Resources

Village Travel Guide

Finish Your Quest Here: Dragon Eradication Inventory

King Thaddeus Hotline: MiLibraryQuest@gmail.com

Quest Winners

Library Quest Scroll Image

Participating Villages
Participating Villages
The public libraries homepages are linked here, please search for the Mi Library Quest Symbol hidden on their sites!


The Mi Library Quest challenge is made up of public libraries across Michigan and supported in part by the Library of Michigan.
King Thaddeus Hotline: MiLibraryQuest@gmail.com         

 Library Quest Scroll

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Most public libraries also have additional events and opportunities for the summer. Check with your local library for information.

If you have any questions about the Mi Library Quest, please contact the Quest Team at MiLibraryQuest@gmail.com


Updated 06/23/2020