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Professional Organizations for Public Library Directors

American Library Association (ALA)

Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL)
The Association for Rural & Small Libraries, Inc. is a network of persons throughout the country dedicated to the positive growth and development of libraries.  ARSL believes in the value of rural and small libraries and strives to create resources and services that address national, state, and local priorities for libraries situated in rural communities.

Friends of Michigan Public Libraries (FOML)
The mission of the Friends of Michigan Libraries “is to support the activities of local Michigan libraries and to be advocates for libraries at the state level. FOML will serve as clearinghouse and information center for all Friends groups in the State of Michigan by planning meetings to exchange ideas, by supporting a newsletter to go to member groups, and by offering workshops and speakers to help advance the goals of Friends working with libraries, whether as program planners, as volunteers, as advocates of library legislation, or as a source of financial contributions and support.”

FOML Trustee Alliance

Michigan Library Association (MLA)

Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS)

United for Libraries
United for Libraries (UFL) is the division of the American Libraries Association (ALA) that advocates for and provides information about Friends Groups and Library Trustees/Boards of Directors. On the UFL site, users can find an array of tools designed to assist these groups in understanding and performing their roles for public libraries. Some information on the site is free to the public, but much of the content (such as videos and sample documents) is only accessible by members of this division. The Library of Michigan provides access to these resources to all Michigan Libraries through an annual Statewide Membership paid for with LSTA funds. This membership provides a username and password which may be used by any Michigan Library Friend group, Trustee or library employee to access the site and its information. To obtain the username and password, contact the Library of Michigan.