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Library of Michigan KitKeeper Site

Follow this link to access KitKeeper to reserve materials for use in your library.  A video tutorial and step-by-step instructions can be found further down the page below, please review them closely before reserving a kit.

Available Kits

NASA Kit 1  - "Sun Earth Moon Connections" includes numerous activities & supplies including:

  • Modeling Meaningful Eclipses
  • UV Kid!
  • Sorting Games
  • Jump to Jupiter

NASA Kit 2  - "Be A NASA Detective, Expand Your Senses" includes the following activities & a telescope among various other tools:

  • Planet Party
  • Pocket Solar System
  • Loony Lunar Phases
  • Art and the Cosmic Connection
  • Investigating the Insides

Braille Enhanced StoryWalk(r) (BES) Kits are as follows, with details on what they contain and what your library will need to provide in order to use can be found on the BES page:

  • BES Kit 1 - Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz
  • BES Kit 2 - Pout-Pout Fish Cleans Up the Ocean by Deborah Diesen
  • BES Kit 3 - Just Read! by Lori Degman

Circulation of LM Kits

  • You can reserve a kit for your library to have via the Library of Michigan KitKeeper site.  Your library will be listed by the full name of your branch location, under "Pickup Library."  Do not be tricked by the "pick up library" verbiage, we will be shipping the kit to your branch directly via UPS.

  • Once you reserve the dates you'd like the kit for you can then advertise programming in your community for those dates.
  • Be sure to take the survey (link in the notebook included with the kit) and return the kit on time so the next library can have their reservation fulfilled. A checklist to confirm all materials are in the box before returning it to the Library of Michigan is included in the kit notebook.
  • All activities in the kit have detailed instructions for program presenters.  (Just remember with the STEM kits, participants are encouraged to explore the activities and pondering/questioning is strongly encouraged.)
  • Contact Cathy Lancaster,, with any questions regarding the program materials; to cancel or change a reservation, or if you are missing supplies, please contact Stephanie Dreyer at  


How do I find and reserve a kit from my library?  

Watch the KitKeeper Tutorial video or follow these steps:

There are two ways to search for a kit in Kitkeeper: searching by title or searching by availability date.

Searching by Title

  • Next to the huge Reserve icon, choose the title you would like from the alphabetical dropdown menu. reserve image

  • Click Go

  • You will get a list of dates when this title is available.  Select the date you would like and click Reserve this Kit.

Searching by Availability Date

  • Next to the huge Dates icon choose the month and year when you would like to pick up a title from the drop down menu.dates image

  • Click Go.

  • You will either get a calendar with available dates or a list of available title depending on your library’s lending policies.

  • If you see a list of titles: simple click Reserve for the title you would like.

  • If you see a calendar: click on a particular day to see what is available on the pane on the right side of the screen.

calendar image

Reserving Title in KitKeeper

  • After finding the tile you would like to reserve (see above), click the Reserve link.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen and enter in your information (phone, email, etc…).  Your library will be listed by the full name of your branch location, under "Pickup Library."  Do not be tricked by the "pick up library" vergbage, we will be shipping the kit to your branch directly via UPS.

  • The library will send you an email when your kit is being shipped.


The project is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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Updated 05/10/2023