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Locating & Inviting Authors

  • Publisher's or author web sites. If a publisher doesn't have a library marketing department call the publicity department and ask for their latest catalogs which will list current and upcoming authors with planned tour cities.
  • Community newspaper listings of book events.
  • Bookstores.
  • Michigan Center for the Book's Michigan Authors & Illustrators database.
  • Points to consider when selecting an author: audience size (a track record of attracting a large audience will give you an advantage in securing a "big name" author), meeting room size (smaller rooms are good for first novelists and mid-list authors).

Inviting authors

  • Extend an invitation via written letter or email to the publisher or author (depending on what contact you have). It's a good idea, if contacting a publisher, to provide them with a wish list of authors in case your first choice may not be available.
  • Inform the publisher/author what you are able to pay. The author will need to know up-front what your budget will allow. Costs to consider in addition to the speaker fee are travel and accommodations. These costs may be less or waived for a local author or an author on tour. Also, the publisher or author may lower their fee for a public library; you can negotiate. You can find the tour cities of most authors by visiting their publisher's website. Publishers' seasonal catalogs also list tour cities for each author. List of possible funding sources provided.
  • Provide your contact information including email address, telephone and fax numbers, library name and complete address.


Updated 02/26/2018

Acknowledgement: to the Dakota County Library (Eagan, Minnesota) for some ideas and information used in this material.