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Michlib-L (mish-libe el)

What is Michlib-L?

Michlib-L is an email-based discussion list by, for and about Michigan libraries. Michlib-L was one of the first statewide library discussion lists on the Internet.

Who Can Join?

Library staff, administrators, board members, library school students and faculty, Friends of Libraries. The list is not for vendors.  

How Do I Subscribe?

Go to and follow the instructions.

What Kind of Information is Posted?

Michigan library job postings, information about the Michigan eLibrary and other statewide initiatives, census questions, offers of old runs of journals, library furniture for sale, discussion about the state of libraries, policy questions, help with problems, name that poem or book - everything library-related except advertising by commercial vendors. Michlib-L is where many official notices from the Library of Michigan and other statewide library groups are made.

What Are Best Practices for Posting?

Michlib-L is a place to ask for advice, share resources, and engage in library-related discussion. Diversity of opinion is encouraged. Vendor solicitations are not allowed. All messages are archived and available to all list subscribers.

  • Constructive Discussion - Help us make this a constructive place for discussion by always working to improve the discussion.
  • Disagreements - You might disagree with someone's comments. Please remember to criticize ideas not people.
  • Kindness - We all make mistakes. Respond privately if you see others making mistakes or missteps on the listserv.
  • Focus - Postings should be relevant to the list they are being posted to.
  • Clarity - Make sure your post has a relevant and descriptive subject line.
  • Contact Info - Postings should include your contact information, including name and institution if applicable.
  • Efficiency - Be mindful of whether your reply needs to go to the entire list. Short responses that don't add to the overall discussion (Example: Congratulations! I agree! Thanks!) can be sent directly to the original poster.
  • Collate - When appropriate, you are encouraged to collect off-list responses to your questions and repost your compilation to the listserv.

Please note that message attachments are scrubbed from the archives and for subscribers of the digest version. For maximum reach, embed text into the body of your messages.

What Types of Libraries are Represented on Michlib-L?

All types of libraries participate: academic, public, school, special and government.

Who Can Post?

Only members of the list may post. All other submissions go to the list moderator for approval.

How Do I Find Something I Saw Posted Once?

You can use the Michlib-L archives going back to 2001. Those archives are available a . Even older messages can often be found through a Google search.

Am I Going to Get Tons of Email or Spam?

The traffic on Michlib-L averages 8-10 messages per day. A digest version is available. Only subscribers can post to the list and the list is moderated so you will not get spam.

How Do I Unsubscribe?

Go to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the line: To unsubscribe from Michlib-l, get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address.

More Questions?

Contact Library of Michigan, at LM-Libtraining@michigan.govor call 517-335-1516.