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Information about exhibiting art at the Library of Michigan

Potential exhibitors are required to submit an application along with images of the actual works to be considered for review.  Images (hardcopy or on a USB) may be submitted by mail or in-person to: Library of Michigan, 702 W. Kalamazoo St. Lansing, MI 48915; or electronically:

Please provide a brief description of the exhibit including the following information: medium, number and size of pieces, how the work is presented (framed, mounted, or otherwise), purpose and nature of the exhibit. If you prefer, you may also submit relevant information as an attachment.

Art at the Library

The Library of Michigan is an information center for the residents of Michigan and encourages the free expression of ideas essential to an informed citizenry. To accomplish this role, a primary objective of the library is to serve as an active resource for learning, studying and contemplating ideas. In an effort to increase the visual education and artistic experience of all visitors, the Library's exhibition program features local, state and national artists as well as traveling exhibitions with priority going to Michigan artists and or content. 

Exhibits Procedures

Potential exhibitors are required to submit an exhibit application along with images of the actual works to be considered for review, which will be examined by the Library Programming Committee. Images may be submitted in digital format, as photographs, or as printed color copies. Please do not submit original works. New work may only be incorporated into an exhibit with the approval of the committee. The committee will consider a wide range of artistic expression in deciding on potential exhibitors. However, in deciding on the suitability of any work, the committee is mindful that the areas of display are used for normal library activity and will be viewed by all segments of the community and all age groups. Exhibit space may not be used for advertising or for commercial enterprises or political candidates. Applications are reviewed on a revolving basis. The Library reserves the right to decline any application for artistic, cultural, educational or scheduling reasons. The Library Director reserves final approval over any recommendations of the Library Programming Committee. The Library Director reserves the right to request the exhibitor to make changes to the exhibit as required by the Library. Once approved, all exhibit scheduling and placement will be coordinated by the Library's Programming Committee and approved by the Programming Chairperson. Upon acceptance exhibitors are required to provide information describing the purpose, title and ownership of the exhibit for promotional purposes and before it can be mounted.  A biography of the artist will be included in promotional outlets.

Security notice

Artists exhibit their work with the understanding that materials may be lost, stolen or damaged. The Library of Michigan hosts a variety of events where at times food and drink will be present.  All exhibitors do so at their own risk of damage.

Exhibitor receptions

The Library of Michigan is happy to work with artists and organizations to host receptions. If you or your organization is interested in information on facilities for a reception, please contact Adam Oster at 517-335-1477.