MCOLES 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

  MCOLES Strategic Plan

On September 18, 2013, at a regular meeting of the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Commissioners unanimously voted to approve a new five-year Strategic Plan. It provides a logical guide to implement the goals, initiatives, and objectives set out in the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Goals

1. Increase outreach opportunities

  • Create a marketing plan focused on promoting MCOLES as the primary resource for law enforcement
  • Increase two-way communications with potential new recruits, funding sources, and stakeholders through the use of relevant technology
  • Increase direct contact with national and regional criminal justice and public safety professionals

2. Improve organizational assets

  • Establish budgetary priorities for legislative use
  • Conduct a needs assessment for staffing, resourcing, technology, and facilities

3. Develop resource autonomy

  • Continue to develop a position paper for funding strategies
  • Inform, advise, and educate stakeholders on the MCOLES business model

4. Develop and promote excellence in professional standards

  • Support legislative reform for law enforcement ethics
  • Conduct a needs assessment of all law enforcement training providers including basic training academies, in-service training providers, and vendors
  • Share law enforcement operational best practices with law enforcement agencies
  • Promote the establishment and compliance with employment, licensing, and selection standards