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MCOLES welcomes the opportunity to provide information about "Michigan Law Enforcement Job Opportunities" on our website and assist individuals seeking potential law enforcement employment within the state of Michigan. Michigan law enforcement agencies are able to publish law enforcement vacancies by following the instructions below. There is no cost to use this service. 

Job Seekers: Also search the Michigan Talent Bank for other law enforcement positions and the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Job Postings


Before vacancy information can be published on the website, MCOLES will require the following information:

*Mandatory Information

    (name, address, phone number, and email address);
    Please note:  If you DO NOT want contact information displayed in the job announcement, please enter: "Please do not put contact information in the website posting." in the COMMENTS section below.

    (the date your department will start accepting applications);

    (the date your department stop accepting applications);

    (entry-level, experienced officer, to police chief, etc.);

  • COMMENTS:  A short description about the position.*  

To submit a job vacancy to MCOLES:

  1. Fill out the "Law Enforcement Vacancy Announcement Form" below. In the COMMENTS section, provide a short description of the position. Please spell check your information to avoid spelling errors and make sure website links are valid.
  2. When providing a link to your website or any documents on a website, DO NOT USE http:// or https:// in the address as it will result in an ERROR when you submit the form 
  3. In the COMMENTS section, avoid using parentheses around any text when filling out this form as it may cause an ERROR message and the form will not get submitted! 
        --  OR  --
  4. Email your job posting to MCOLES by attaching a Microsoft Word document to the email. PLEASE FORMAT THE INFORMATION SIMILAR TO OTHER JOB POSTINGS ON THE MCOLES WEBSITE.  SPELL CHECK your document to avoid spelling errors and MAKE SURE WEBSITE LINKS ARE VALID.

    To email a Microsoft Word version of your job announcement, click on the following email link below and attach the document to your email. Following the above steps will allow your job posting to be added to the website and our Facebook page in the quickest timeframe possible.

    Email MCOLES at
Using one of the above formats will assure information is accurately represented and will also minimize the amount of time required to post a vacancy on the website. Accordingly, phone calls, Adobe PDF, and faxed job openings will not be accepted.
Please allow two to three (2-3) business days from receipt at MCOLES for your vacancy to appear on the website. Vacancy information will automatically expire after the specified closing date. If no closing date is specified, vacancy information will automatically expire six months from the posted date.

General questions regarding this process can be directed to Jacque Beeson at or 517-636-7864. 

Law Enforcement / Law Enforcement Related Vacancy Announcement Form 

*Mandatory Information 

Avoid using parentheses around any text when filling out this form as it may cause an error message and the form will not be submitted!


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