Application Requirements for Recognition of Prior Training and Experience Program - Effective January 1, 2010

Commissioners approved a procedure for collecting non-refundable fees from individuals entering the Recognition of Prior Training and Experience (RPTE) program at the December 9, 2009, MCOLES meeting. The collection of these non-refundable fees commenced with applications beginning January 1, 2010.

Non-refundable fees must be in the form of a check or money order, made out to the State of Michigan, and submitted along with the completed application.

The following information explains the procedure for individuals making application to the RPTE program. Further detailed information is contained in the actual Recognition of Prior Training and Experience Application Packet.

7.4.01 Minimum Qualifications; Application Requirements 

2. A person making application shall:

(a)  Complete an application for enrollment in the RPTE program.  This application shall be made available to the potential applicant via the MCOLES website at The application packet shall consist of the following:

(vii) Beginning January 1, 2010, a non-refundable application fee applicable to the following applicants:

Pre-service candidates eligible under R 28.14406 who are applying for the Recognition of Prior Training and Experience program a second or subsequent time - $75.00

Former Michigan licensed officer eligible under R 28.14403 - $75.00

Former licensed or certified non-Michigan officer eligible under R 28.14404 - $150.00

Exemption: In accordance with MCL 28.611(1)(i), applicants who are employed by a recognized Michigan law enforcement agency shall not be charged a fee. An example of an employed Michigan law enforcement officer that is required to attend the RPTE program are those returning from lay-off, extended leave, or reinstatement under due process to the agency from which they separated, or were placed on extended leave, causing their license to lapse.

Employees hired directly by a Michigan law enforcement agency and paid under federal fair labor standards act (FLSA) to attend the RPTE program are also exempt. The agency must have conducted all the screening requirements and recorded the candidate in the MCOLES Network as a candidate for hire and has proffered a conditional offer of employment based on completing the RPTE program.

Additionally, licensed and employed Michigan law enforcement officers on military leave from their agency are not considered to have discontinued their employment and are exempt from the RPTE requirements (MCL 28.609(3)).