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Pursuant to the 1989 amendment of Act No. 302 of 1982, the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards maintains a registry of criminal justice in-service training programs offered in Michigan.  The Registry is a compilation of in-service training programs offered by colleges, universities, state and local governmental agencies, and private training providers. The Commission encourages active participation in using this resource for training Michigan's law enforcement officers and other criminal justice entities. The Commission is pleased to provide this registry of criminal justice in-service training courses.




Information on  how to become an authorized criminal justice training provider  through the MCOLES Network and register in-service training courses with the Commission, can be found on this Web site.


Please verify with the appropriate training provider that courses have been submitted and approved through the MCOLES Network before using Justice Training Funds to pay for the course. All dates are subject to change by the training provider. 


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