How do I add a new Operator or rescind the rights of a current Operator?












A - If your law enforcement agency identifies the need to authorize a new operator to use the MCOLES Network, that individual will need to execute an Operator Agreement and FAX it to the MCOLES Licensing Services Section at 517-636-7886.  Once the completed documents are received at MCOLES, access rights will be created for the Operator.  Law enforcement agency operators will need to register for a training session and will be notified of their Login ID at the  training session.  Session are usually scheduled once a month and individuals may register from the MCOLES Web site and can be viewed on the MITN Training Class Calendar.


If a law enforcement agency wishes to rescind the operator rights of a person previously trained to use the Network, complete the Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement Addendum, include the agency head's signature, and submit the Addendum by faxing to the MCOLES Licensing Services Section at 517-636-7886.