When a law enforcement agency employs a new agency head, what must the Department do to preserve its Network rights?



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A -  When a law enforcement agency hires a new chief, department head, or elects a new sheriff, the following information will need to be submitted to MCOLES: 

Submit by FAX to the MCOLES Licensing Service Section an executed Law Enforcement Agency User Agreement AddendumThe Addendum must be signed by the agency head before faxing to MCOLES.  MCOLES staff will make this change upon notification through the Addendum. 

The User Agreement Addendum should reflect the following:

Section I - provide the agency name, address, telephone and FAX number.

Section II - Indicate the name of the previous agency head.  If the former agency head is a sworn law enforcement officer and leaves the agency, a Separation Notice has to be executed through the MCOLES Network and should be faxed to the MCOLES Licensing Services Section.  Provide the name of new agency head, effective date, if the individual is working as a fully sworn, licensed law enforcement officer, e-mail address, telephone number, and FAX number.

Section III - Indicate the name of the individual who should be designated as the Single Point of Contact for the Network.

Section IV - Indicate if the new department head wants to retain or rescind operator rights for those individuals that have access to the Network.  Upon notification that operator privileges should be rescinded, MCOLES will deactivate those Login IDs.  If new Network Operators need to be designated, they will need to fill out an Operator Agreement, FAX it to MCOLES, and register to attend a mandatory training session, when available. Training sessions are scheduled according to need.