Why can't I view the entire web page on my monitor?

If you find that scroll bars appear on the right and/or bottom of each web page all the time and you have to scroll to view most pages, you probably need to increase your monitor's resolution to 1024 x 768. Although not all Network Web pages fit nicely on one screen, this higher resolution will greatly reduce the amount of scrolling required.

To adjust your monitor's resolution, click on [Start], Settings, Control Panel, and Display. Select the ‘Settings' tab. In the section entitled ‘Screen area', click and drag the bar to the right until 1024 x 768 pixels is displayed. Click on [OK]. You will be asked to confirm the setting change. When your screen refreshes, everything will appear smaller. You can easily repeat this process to return the resolution to a lower value when you leave the MCOLES Network.

There is also a setting in Internet Explorer that may have to be changed in order to view the screen properly. Click on View, then Text Size. The optimal text size is usually Medium.