How do we get our new department program registered with MCOLES?

You must first become an eligible user on the MCOLES Information and Tracking Network (MITN) by submitting the appropriate documentation.  Law enforcement agencies that have already executed a User Agency Agreement PDF icon can request that their agency also be designated as an in-service training provider by completing a User Agency Addendum PDF icon. If the agency wants to designate a person who currently is an Operator, the agency head can designate this information on the Addendum. Newly designated Operators will need to fill out an Operator Agreement PDF icon. 

New vendors seeking privileges as an In-service Training Provider must submit both the User Agency Agreement PDF icon and Operator Agreement PDF icon to gain access to the Network. All Agreements and Addendums can be submitted to the MCOLES Licensing Services Section by faxing to 517-316-0824. In-service training providers and operators that have executed the appropriate security agreements will then receive a mailing with information on how to log into the Network.