What access will be granted?

Individual officer access to the MCOLES Network is view only.  The officer will not be able to make changes.  Available information includes the officer's profile, training records, and employment history. 

The employment history consists of the basic training background, prior law enforcement employment, and in-service training history.  If any standards compliance reviews exist, the officer will be prompted to contact MCOLES for further information.  An example of this would be evaluation of a medical issue that might affect the ability of a person to carry out law enforcement duties. 

Please note that in-service training records only reflect the training that has been submitted to MCOLES.  Many officers have multiple sources for their training records, i.e. MCOLES, law enforcement employer training records, and records maintained by training providers.  Not all of these records have been submitted to MCOLES. 

Another MCOLES Network feature that is available through officer access is the Training Course Registry.  This registry is a searchable database of in-service training courses that have been registered with MCOLES.  A description of the course, as well as where and when it will be offered, and vendor contact information is displayed.