Law Enforcement Officers: Request Access to the MCOLES Information and Tracking Network

Access to the MCOLES Information & Tracking Network (MITN) is available to MCOLES licensed law enforcement officers upon request. Once access has been granted, each officer will be able to:

  • view his/her own individual profile,
  • search the MCOLES In-Service Training Course Registry,
  • maintain his/her MCOLES Network Password, and
  • create or delete a Public Password to allow his/her current employer(s) access to the Inquiry History.

The individual profile link directs the officer to the profile page and the Individual Employment History (IEH). The IEH contains information regarding the officer's license activation, basic training, standards compliance reviews, employment history, and in-service training as reported to MCOLES. 

MCOLES Network Security Policy

Extensive efforts have been made to build and maintain the MCOLES Network as a secure, Web-based resource for basic training academies, law enforcement agencies, in-service training providers, and now individual law enforcement officers.  One major component of the MCOLES Network security plan is strict adherence to the MCOLES Network Security Policy by all users.  Carefully read the entire policy statement before you apply for access.  If you have any questions regarding your responsibility under the terms of the policy, please contact MCOLES.

Request Access

To request access to the MCOLES Network you must submit a completed  Law Enforcement Officer Access Agreement to the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. You can fill in the required information and print the form directly from the web page.

Follow these steps to submit your request:
  1. Enter all the information requested in the on-line Agreement form;
  2. Print a copy of the completed form;
  3. Sign the Agreement
  4. Mail the original, signed Agreement to MCOLES together with:
    • A copy of your driver's license;
    • One other piece of  ID, e.g., department ID, birth certificate, passport;
    • A stamped, self-addressed envelope.
      Use your complete Home Address; 
      P.O. Boxes will not be accepted;
      Your employer's business address will not be accepted.
Send all the required documents to:

Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
Licensing and Administrative Services Section
927 Centennial Way
Lansing, MI  48909

Please note:  Incomplete packets will not be processed.


Once your request has been reviewed and processed by MCOLES, a written notification will be mailed to you in your self-addressed envelope. Please allow 10 business days from the date your request is received by MCOLES for processing.  This notice will contain your user ID and a temporary password. The first time you log onto the MCOLES Network you will be required to change your password.