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Western Michigan University Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: December 31, 2022

Salary Range: 

$46,805 - $69,410 (Patrol), additional non-patrol related voluntary overtime opportunities, plus generous benefits   

Western Michigan University offers generous benefits to its employees including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, University contribution retirement plan, 100% tuition remission, 75% tuition remission for eligible dependents, 96-200 hours of annual leave, yearly fitness incentive, and yearly equipment allowance. To access information about additional, or specific benefits available for this position, GO TO:

Specialized opportunities: Kalamazoo County SWAT, Community Policing, Bike Patrol, K9, Crime Lab Relief, and more! 

Major Duties (General summary):

  • Protects the University population and property from crime.
  • Responsible for safeguarding the physical well-being of persons and property in the University community.
  • Patrols the campus to provide police image and concentration of presence in specific and needed areas.
  • Investigates reports of criminal activities.
  • Locates, photographs, marks and stores evidence.
  • Apprehends perpetrators of crime, guards prisoners, assumes responsibility for the confinement, interrogation /interviewing of all parties involved in a criminal investigation and testifies in cases before various courts.
  • Provides and conducts crime prevention activities and informs and instructs the general public on ways they may protect themselves against criminal activity.
  • Checks and monitors the security of WMU buildings. Patrols buildings and checks for lapses in security, responding to alarms and taking the appropriate actions.
  • Secures buildings to prevent illegal entry or unauthorized subjects and identified/locates lost or stolen property.
  • Enforces all local and state traffic laws, monitors traffic flow, pursues, apprehends and issues citations for moving violations, investigates accidents and directs traffic when necessary.
  • Spends a portion of his/her shift enforcing University parking regulations.
Opening Date: 04/20/2022  
Closing Date: 12/31/2022  

Contact Person: Chief Scott Merlo  
Telephone: 269-387-5571  
Website Link: