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Maryville Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: June 30, 2022

Entry Level Police Officer welling to cross train in Firefighting/EMT/Paramedic.  Starting pay $64,719.00 - $74,171.00 at the end of three years.  Experience level may warrant starting pay rate. Opportunity for specialized assignments in Major Crimes Investigations, Drug Task Force Officer, Special Response Team member, Crisis Negotiations Unit, School Resource Officer, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. Cross Training payed in-service training offered. Offering 1.5% Pension multiplier, 457 Supplemental Retirement Options, Paid Health Care,  with a 457 - 5% contribution once a year for retirement health care. 160 hours of vacation a year to start maxing at 272 hours  a year.

Please apply at the link above

Opening Date: 05/01/2022  
Closing Date: 06/30/2022  

Contact Person: Deputy Chief Edward Gerrow  
Telephone: 810-364-6300
Website Link: