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Warren Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: July 14, 2022

The Warren Police Department is seeking qualified, motivated applicants to fill open positions. These positions perform patrol duties in assigned areas of the City, respond to calls for service, generate calls for service, enforce all federal and state laws and City ordinances, perform traffic enforcement, conduct property checks, and participate in related community oriented police activities.  


  • U.S. Citizen and 21 years of age
  • Must possess a valid MI driver's license
  • No felony convictions
  • High School Diploma / GED Equivalent
  • 62 semester credit hours or 93 quarter credit hours
  • Educational requirements will be waived for applicants who possess three years active military duty or two years of full time certified police experience.
  • Must be a current police officer, or be currently enrolled in an MCOLES approved academy.


Visit where you can download an application, fill it out and email it to


K-9 Officer, Community Policing, Special Response Team, Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Liquor Enforcement, Jail / Detention Officer, Motor Traffic Officer, School Resource Officer, Special Operations Surveillance Unit, Police Athletic League, Special Investigations / Drug Unit, Task Force Positions with the DEA, Federal Antinarcotic Task Force of Macomb (FANTOM), and Mobile Field Force.


  • Defined benefit pension plan
  • Health, dental and life insurance (no monthly premiums)
  • Paid vacation, sick time, and holidays
  • Lateral transfer pay - Officers with two or more years of full-time law enforcement experience may qualify for a higher starting wage.


Certificate, Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree in a Police Science and/or Police Administrations pays $200, $400 or $600 annually.


  • Starting wage of $57,882 and top wage of $85,946 after 5 years.
  • Lateral Starting wage 2-4 years $62,340 and top wage of $85,946 after 4 years.
  • Lateral Starting wage 5+ years $66,797 and top wage of $85,946 after 3 years.
  • Upon promotion to Corporal, receive a 10% wage increase ($94,543).
  • Raises: 7/1/2022 2.5% and 7/1/2023 3.0%


  • Blue Cross Community Blue 4 Health Insurance
  • Maximum out of pocket costs of $2,000 / $4,000 with no monthly premiums
  • Delta or Golden Dental plan
  • Health Care upon retirement in the form of a Health Savings Account
  • Life Insurance Policy


Patrol Works 12 hour shifts with the following start times:  

Days:  0800 hours
Split: 1500 hours
Nights: 2000 hours

Split Shift receives a 4% premium and Night Shift receives a 5% premium.


Paid 16 holidays per year plus time and a half to work a holiday; double time on holiday overtime.


160 hours of paid vacation annually increasing yearly after 10 years


  • Initial compliment of uniforms and body armor is provided.
  • $550 annual clothing allowance for uniform purchases.
  • $600 annual reimbursement for cleaning of uniforms.
  • New body armor provided every 5 years.


Defined Benefit Plan with a 5% contribution rate.


$680 longevity bonus paid each year after 5 years; then increases $680 every 5 years.


Annual bonus of $950 compensation for carrying your weapon off duty.


Beards and tattoos allowed within compliance of General Orders.
Current Contract - Expires June 30, 2024 for Most Current Available

The Warren Police Department is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Opening Date: 06/22/2022  
Closing Date: 07/14/2022  

Contact Person: Cpl John Swatowski  
Telephone: 586-574-4719  
Website Link: