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Kingsford Public Safety Department: Entry level Public Safety Officer Closing Date: February 28, 2023

The City of Kingsford has an immediate opening to fill a full-time vacancy within the Public Safety Department. The position provides special opportunities for persons who are alert, physically fit, and interested in community service employment that carries with it considerable responsibilities.  All candidates are subject to the approval of the cities Civil Service Commission before hired.  Please send resume to

Applicants must:

  1. Be a United States Citizen; 
  2. Have a High School Diploma or GED;
  3. Have a valid Driver's License;
  4. Successfully complete oral, and physical fitness examinations;
  5. Undergo psychological screening and medical examinations, including a drug screen; and
  6. Pass a background investigation. 

The following qualifications are preferred but not necessary for application:

  1. Be currently licensed or licensable under the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards,
  2. Be currently certified under Michigan certifications as a Firefighter 1 and 2, If not currently certified, inhouse training and certification would be completed in first year of employment
    The City of Kingsford is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and pledged to non-discrimination in employment as required by law.

Kingsford Public Safety Officers perform year-round public service work protecting life and property through enforcing laws along with combating and extinguishing fires - often under emergency conditions involving personal hazards.

Wages and benefits:

  1. 12-hour shift
  2. Competitive wages: Starting pay $50,879 or $54,512 depending on fire fighter certification, 2nd year $61,060 and 3rd year topping out at $62,767.
  3. Retirement: Act 345 Retirement plan. Employee's pension amount is calculated by 2.60% of employee's best five out of ten final years average with a 70% maximum retirement benefit.  
  4. Health insurance with dental and vision coverage provided to employees and family.
  5. All uniforms and equipment provided.
  6. Annual equipment allowance
  7. Leave; 5 days - vacation with less than 2 yrs., 6-days personal leave, and 7-days sick leave.
Opening Date: 08/10/2022  
Closing Date: 02/28/2023  

Contact Person: Michael Stelmaszek  
Telephone: 906 774-3526  
Website Link: