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Livonia Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: November 15, 2022

Salary : $61,152 - $79,643.20 Annually
Defined Contribution Retirement (City Pension)
12-hour shifts


An employee in this classification performs general law enforcement duties in the Police Division of the Department of Public Safety.  This employee enforces traffic laws, issues tickets, appears in court, responds to vehicle accidents, apprehends persons who violate City ordinances or State statues, responds to complaints from citizens, assists persons seeking aid, and performs related duties as assigned.


  • Patrols the City within an assigned area in a radio dispatched automobile to secure life and property, observe situations, report suspicious or criminal activity, hazardous conditions and deter crime by providing high visibility. 
  • Responds to emergency calls for service, disturbances, thefts, burglaries, vehicle accidents, domestic disputes, suspicious activities and other incidents to protect public safety and property, resolve problems, diffuse situations and enforce laws and ordinances and take appropriate action. 
    Provides information, directions and assistance to the public in a variety of situations; takes reports and assists the public with complaints or unusual situations. 
  • Develops and maintains effective working relationships with the community, including specific targeted groups, such as the elderly or school-age youth. 
    Assists in developing community crime prevention programs; speaks and educates local business, school, civic, and social groups. 
    Observes, monitors and controls routine and unusual traffic situations; stops and warns drivers or issues citations as appropriate; provides traffic control in accident or incident situations, special events or other congested situations. 
  • Makes arrests, apprehends, restrains suspects and serves warrants and subpoenas; takes individuals into custody and may transport them for medical clearance, detainment at the City lockup facility and/or booking at a longer-term facility, as required. 
  • Secures crime scenes and evidence; interviews suspects, victims and witnesses; collects and preserves evidence; performs complete investigations and/or cooperates with other law enforcement agencies providing investigative and case development support. 
  • Provides oversight on juveniles and delinquents and works on cases involving unfit homes and crimes committed against or by juveniles. 
  • Assists the City Attorney or the District Attorney staff in preparing, documenting and developing cases and gathering information; testifies in court as required. 
  • Directs the activities of police support personnel and/or volunteers in office and field situations. 
  • Sets up and takes down speed trailer, temporary emergency signage and devices.  
  • Participates in vehicle chases according to Department Policy. 
  • Provides mutual aide to other law enforcement agencies as dispatched and in accordance with departmental policy. 
  • Prepares reports; prepares and maintains logs, records and accurate files. 
  • May be assigned to assist in conducting special studies of crime prevention, traffic control, or other Police Services issues. 
  • Performs other duties of a similar nature or level as directed by competent authority.


  1. Be a citizen of the United States. 
  2. Be at least 20 years and 6 months of age.
  3. Possess a High School Diploma or General Educational Development (GED) Test; and,
  4. Have been awarded and provide proof of an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement or Police Administration or a Bachelor Degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university;  Or possess an equivalent combination of college education and full-time paid qualified work experience.  See job specifications for more detailed information.
  5. Be one of the following and provide proof:
    1. Certified Michigan Police Officer; OR 
    2. Certifiable as a Police Officer in the State of Michigan, subject to verification or re-verification by a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (M.C.O.L.E.S.) approved training academy; OR 
    3. Be currently enrolled in an M.C.O.L.E.S. approved training academy and certifiable by date of hire.
  6. Possess normal hearing, normal color vision, and normal visual functions and acuity in accordance with the Civil Service Commission approved visual acuity standard as attached. 
  7. Be free from any physical defects, chronic diseases, organic diseases, organic or functional conditions, or mental and emotional instabilities which may tend to impair the efficient performance of duties or which might endanger the lives of others or the individual employee;
  8. Provide proof of passing M.C.O.L.E.S. physical fitness certificate obtained within the preceding twelve (12) months of the applicant's interview date (This requirement may be waived, at the discretion of the Chief of Police, if the applicant was employed as a certified police officer within the past five years); and, meet all other physical requirements as determined by the Civil Service Commission and a physician appointed by the City.  ALL CANDIDATES MUST COMPLY.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
  9. Possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle operator's or chauffeur's license and have an acceptable driving record.


Written Test - 50%         
Chief's Interview Panel - 50%*
Psychological Evaluation - Pass/Fail
Background Investigation - Pass/Fail

Per resolution of the Civil Service Commission, applicants who have attended college courses, but have not yet obtained an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement OR a Bachelor Degree in any discipline may request a waiver of this requirement from the Chief of Police.  The waiver request must include the current status of your college education including transcripts and your plan for obtaining your degree.  Each request is reviewed and determined by the Chief of Police.

NOTE:  A minimum of 10 candidates with the highest passing scores on the E.M.P.C.O. Police written test or the City of Livonia written test will be invited to continue to the interview portion of the examination process.  Once that band has been exhausted, the next 10 candidates will be invited to complete the interview process.

NOTE:  At the time of the Chief's Interview, candidates are required to produce original paper degrees/transcripts and M.C.O.L.E.S. documentation.

The results at each step in the application process will determine eligibility for continuation to subsequent steps.  The process will include City of Livonia application and supporting documentation, written examination, Chief's Interview panel, personal history questionnaire, background investigation, psychological evaluation and pre-employment physical.  Applicants must pass each part of the examination process in order to be placed on the eligibility list.

NOTE:  All applicants must comply with all qualifications.

No tape recorders, calculators or other electronic devices are permitted during any part of this examination.  Failure to comply will result in your immediate disqualification. 

NOTE:  At the time of appointment, applicants are required to pass a complete pre-employment medical examination including drug testing conducted by a physician authorized by the City of Livonia.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this examination is to establish an eligible list to fill current, future Regular and/or Temporary vacancies.


  • Thorough knowledge of law enforcement methods and equipment. 
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable state and local laws, ordinances and regulations. 
  • Thorough knowledge of departmental rules and regulations. 
  • Reasonable knowledge of District, Circuit or other court rules and procedures. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the geography of the City. 
  • Thorough knowledge and ability to use first aid and rescue techniques. 
  • Ability to function calmly and efficiently under conditions of great stress. 
  • Ability to deal with persons under great emotional stress and maintain control of the situation. 
  • Ability to apply investigative techniques. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with other employees and to deal tactfully with the public 
  • Ability to react quickly in emergency situations and to exercise good judgment. 
  • Skill in the operation of an automobile. 
  • Skill in the use of firearms and other weapons. 
  • Skill in self-defense.

Wages / Benefits 

Defined benefit retirement with a 2.5 multiplier (75% after 30 years of service).

Health, Dental, Optical insurance

  • 12-hour shifts
  • Holiday pay
  • Voluntary physical fitness program (earn up to 32 hours off a year).
  • Voluntary overtime

Lateral Transfer Program:  

Officers with previous experience qualify for the L.P.D. lateral transfer program.  Officers with verifiable experience will be compensated for their years of service at the following pay rate:

2 years of law enforcement experience = Base salary of $65,582.40
3 years of law enforcement experience = Base salary of $70,782.40
4 years or more years of law enforcement experience = Base salary of $75,899.20


Application can be completed anytime online at Attachments or resumes are not accepted in place of completing the information requested on the official application. However, you may attach extra pages to your application, if necessary, to provide a complete work history to supplement the Employment History section of the application. Applicants will be notified by e-mail of the time and place of the examination.



33000 Civic Center Drive
Civil Service Department
Livonia, MI 48154 734-466-2530

Opening Date: 09/26/2022  
Closing Date: 11/15/2022  

Contact Person: Sgt. Christian Emert  
Telephone: 734-466-2309  
Website Link: