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West Bloomfield Township: Full-Time Public Safety Dispatcher Closing Date: April 30, 2023

The Charter Township of West Bloomfield is accepting applications for a Public Safety Dispatcher position at our Police Department. Duties may include: performs a full range of radio and telephone operational duties in the 24 hour facility; input, update and retrieve confidential information quickly from a variety of computer systems; answer calls for assistance and dispatch police, fire, medical, rescue, and water units; monitor Township radio networks to receive, relay and transmit messages; receive and direct calls and visitors to the appropriate department and/or individual, and conduct record checks, maintain radio logs and perform other clerical duties.

Minimum qualifications:

High school diploma or equivalent, with some Police Dispatching experience helpful.

  • Starting (Non-Lateral) - $49,000
  • 2 years - $51,500
  • 3 years - $54,750
  • 4 years - $57,389
  • 5 years - $60,650

Applications can be obtained from our website:, or at the Human Resources Department, 4550 Walnut Lake Road, West Bloomfield.  Applicants must complete an employment application to be considered for this position.

Applicants who submit a completed application will be emailed an invitation to take a computerized online exam called CritiCall. The online test must be completed within 4 days of the date the email invitation was sent for interview consideration.

General Summary:

Perform a full range of radio and telephone operational duties in the 24-hour facility. Inputs, updates and retrieves confidential information quickly from a variety of computer systems. Takes calls for assistance and dispatches police, fire, medical, rescue, and water units.  Monitors

Township radio networks to receive, relay and transmit messages.  Receives and directs calls and visitors to the appropriate department and/or individual.  Conducts record checks, maintains radio logs and performs other clerical duties.

Representative Duties and Responsibilities which may be considered Essential Function(s):


  • Answers: phones, inquiries providing information regarding departmental procedures and policies.  Assists walk in visitors.  Follows up on complaints, transactions, police reports as necessary.
  • Prepares: correspondence, keyboards correspondence, copies of required materials, daily journals and reports.
  • Distributes: reports (fax & mail) and correspondence from various stations and town hall.
  • Files: records and correspondence to physical files and retrieves matters from.
  • Enters: and edits police reports into databases including CLEMIS computer terminal.
  • Maintains: records of the computer aided Dispatch system, LEIN/NCIC entries, missing persons, breath/blood BAC results, warrants, stolen / recovered / impounded, abandoned vehicles or property; call lists.
  • Operates: CLEMIS and LEIN terminals to enter and edit police reports, check driving and criminal records, wants or warrants, vehicle registration information; and statistical information.
  • Processes: forms and report such as incident and arrest reports, juvenile petitions, etc.

Control / Technical:

  • Processes: incoming calls for assistance including all emergency 911, obtaining essential information concerning emergency / problem, determines the nature, urgency and location of the request, prioritizes and dispatches the proper personnel to deal with the emergency / problem.
  • Monitors: Township radio networks and teletype messages to receive, relay and transmit messages; jail and outside cameras set up around the dispatch center; and communicate with prisoners via the intercom system.
  • Provides: CPR/Pre-Arrival instructions for Medical Emergencies.

Special Items:

  • May be assigned unique tasks to the department within the competency level of the other tasks described in this document.
  • The preceding statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by personnel assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all job duties performed by personnel so classified. Performs other related duties as required.


  • High School Graduation or equivalent required.  Prefer some business college training in office and communication skills.
  • Familiarity in the use of computers or computer-based equipment preferred.
  • After 6 months, must possess State certifications including CPR and EMD, certified in operating LEIN and NCIC systems.
  • Maintain 24 hours of bi-yearly training in criminal justice and /or communication topics.
  • Willingness and ability to work different shifts including nights, holidays, and weekends.

The qualifications listed above are intended to represent the minimum skills and experience levels associated with performing the duties and responsibilities contained in this job description. The qualifications should not be viewed as expressing absolute employment or promotional standards, but as general guidelines that should be considered along with other job-related selection or promotional criteria.  Additional experience or education may be substituted on a two for one basis to meet minimum requirements.  See ADA requirements for additional requirements.

Equipment and Tools Used:

Personal computers, copiers, PC Microsoft Word, maps, 911equipment, dispatch equipment, fax, phone systems, video recording equipment, LEIN and NCIC, and other Police Software.


  • Math - An understanding of percentages, fractions, ratios, rates, measurements and calculations is required.
  • Reading - Ability to read, comprehend, and interpret moderately complex manuals and instructions (including ordinances).
  • Writing - Ability to write instructions and communicate problems, procedures for supervision or for others. Ability to write correspondence to employees, customers, as well as state and federal agencies.
  • Speaking - Ability to clearly communicate information and questions related to all aspects of the job in person and over the phone using correct English. Ability to exercise considerable judgment and discretion when handling emergency request and sensitive matters.
  • Operate – computer aided dispatch system and terminals and technical equipment used in the dispatch function, and as necessary to multi-task / handle frequent interruptions working calmly under sometimes stressful situations.

Physical Requirements:

  • Lifting - up to 30 pounds on an occasional basis
  • Pushing - ability to transfer/push materials up to 60 lbs by pushing or the use of lift carts. Movement - Ability to maneuver as necessary to use copier and personal computer equipment or supplies.
  • Kneeling, stooping occasionally.
  • Walking - frequently; Standing - occasionally; Sitting - constantly Use of hands - constantly
  • Reaching - frequently
  • Vision - near vision required, color vision required.
  • Hearing - must be able to hear and understand normal speech in same room and on phone.

Environment and Hazards:

  • Noise - office environment.
  • Electrical hazards - rarely.
  • Caustic chemicals - no.
  • Extreme outdoor temperatures - no. 
  • Traffic hazards – no.
  • Atmosphere hazards - no.
  • Moving equipment hazards - no.
  • Slip hazards – no.
  • Building hazards – no.
  • Dangerous persons - rarely.
  • High Pressure lines – no.
  • Heights – no.
  • Weapons - occasionally.
  • Dust – no.
  • Biohazards – rarely.

Health Insurance:

  • BC/BS Community Blue PPO 4 (opt out $300/mo. paid Jan/June)
  • $30.00 office co-pay, $500/$1,000- single person/family deductible (In- Network), 20% co-insurance $1,500 single/$3,000 family (In-Network) Monthly premium share- $50 single, $80 two person, $100 family
  • Opt-out $300/month paid in January/June
  • Prescription: Caremark CVS $10.00/$40.00/$80.00 (generic/formulary/non-formulary) Dental/Vision: Class 1 Preventative 100% coverage
  • ADN Class 2 Restorative 85% coverage
  • Class 3 Major Services 50% coverage
  • $1,000 max annual benefit/$2000 lifetime benefit Orthodontics Life Insurance: $40,000 term/$40,000 double indemnity
  • Disability Insurance:  Short-term 66 2/3% up to $750 per week (26 weeks) Long-term 66 2/3% up to $3,000 per month (26 weeks)
  • *The first two weeks of any disability, the employee may elect to use their own leave time (sick, vacation, comp, etc.)


  • ICMA-RC 401(a) 12% employer contribution (voluntary employee contributions are after-tax)
  • 5 year vesting
  • MERS- 3% per month employee and 3% per month employer contribution 5 year vesting (for Retiree Health Care)
  • ICMA-RC 457-Deferred Comp. (voluntary employee contributions are pre-tax) Personal Days- Three (3) no excuse days after 1 year and then each January
  • Sick time- 5 days after 30 days, then earn one (1) day per month to use after 1 year of service. Capped at 360 hours (45 days).


Thirteen (13) per year

Vacation days:

Six months-1 yr. - 5 days
After 1 year - 10 days
After 3 years - 11 days
After 5 years - 15 days
After 6 years - 16 days
After 8 years - 17 days
After 10 years - 20 days
After 14 years - 21 days
After 16 years - 22 days
After 18 years - 23 days
After 20 years - 24days

Sec. 1. Minimum Employment Standards for Dispatchers.

No person shall be employed as a dispatcher in the police department unless he/she meets the following minimum employment standards for public safety dispatchers:

(a) Must be able to lawfully work in the United States during any time employed by the Township.
(b) Must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
(c) Education Requirements: Graduation from high school or the equivalent. “Equivalent” is defined as having attained a passing score on the General Education Development (GED) test.
(e) Fingerprinting of applicants with a search of local, state and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record.
(f) Must not have been convicted of a felony offense.
(g) Must be eligible to become LEIN certified.
(h) Shall possess a good moral character, as determined by the Chief of Police from a favorable report based on a comprehensive background investigation covering school and employment records, home environment, and personal traits and integrity. Consideration will be given to any and all violations, including traffic and criminal law convictions, as indicating a lack of good character. Each applicant or member of the police department shall possess a good driving record, indicating a respect for traffic laws and good driving habits, and the record must be deemed acceptable for the police department by the Chief of Police.
(i) Possess a valid Michigan state motor vehicle operator’s or chauffeur’s license.
(j) Must successfully pass an examination administered by the Township’s HR Department.
(k) Acceptable physical, emotional and mental fitness as established by a licensed physician or physician designee such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner at a licensed Medical Facility and Psychologist/ Psychiatrist following examination to determine the applicant is free from any physical, emotional or mental condition which might adversely affect performance of essential duties as a dispatcher.
(l) The applicant shall possess standard hearing and standard color vision. He/she shall be free from any impediments of the senses, and must possess standard visual functions and visual acuity in each eye, correctable to 20/20.

Sec. 2. Acceptance of Employment Applications.

(a) Applications for dispatchers may be accepted by the HR Department when positions are open and posted. Notice of openings shall be published or disseminated on the Township website and via other online, social media and/or employment advertising mediums.
(b) The application shall be made available to the applicant by the HR Department. Failure to properly complete or submit the application as required shall result in the applicant being disqualified from further consideration.
(c) An examination shall be offered to all eligible applicants after an initial employment application screening by the HR Department for minimum requirements. The examination may be offered as soon as practicable following receipt of an application.

Sec. 3. Employment Application Procedure.

(a) Compliance with minimum employment standards. All applicants for positions in the police department must meet the minimum employment standards set forth in Section 1. The Chief of Police and HR Director will prescribe the manner in which all applicants are to demonstrate compliance with the minimum employment standards.
(b) Examination. All applicants for positions in the police department, who have met the requirement of Section 1 (a) through (l), shall be required to successfully complete an and pass an examination administered by the HR Department. The selection of the examination shall be determined by the HR Director in consultation with the Chief of Police. Such examination shall be public, competitive and free to all persons qualified. The examination may be written or computerized. Applicants shall be graded with a score of seventy (70%) percent considered to be a passing score for a written examination or must score a “pass” as determined by a pass/fail score on a computerized pass/fail examination. Failure to successfully complete or pass the examination will result in elimination from further employment consideration. Applicant examination scores will be valid for 30 days. An applicant can test no more than once every 30 days. The examination score shall constitute fifty (50%) percent of the applicant’s score when a written examination is implemented. If a computerized pass/fail examination is implemented, the examination score will not be weighted and only the oral interview will determine the overall status of the applicant. The examination results will determine an applicant’s eligibility for oral interview consideration.
(c) Oral interview. The oral board for this qualification list shall consist of at least two (2) current Command Officers or the equivalent and one (1) other Police Department member to be chosen by the Police Chief of the Township. All applicants for dispatcher positions in the police department who pass the examination will have their employment applications reviewed by the Police Department for oral interview consideration. A score of eighty (80%) percent shall be considered a passing score for the oral interview. The questions developed for the oral interview shall be compiled by, or at the direction of, the Chief of Police and the oral board. Such questions will be reviewed by the HR Director to assure they do not discriminate against anyone due to race, sex, religion, national origin, color, creed, ethnicity or any other criteria prohibited by law. Results and scoring sheets of the oral interview shall be retained and stored as public records by the HR Director, at the completion of the oral interview, for a period of two (2) years. All applicants who pass the oral interview are eligible for employment consideration.
(d) Conditional offer of employment. An applicant that passes the oral interview may be extended a conditional offer of employment. Whenever there are more eligible applicants who pass the oral board than there are positions available, the Chief of Police may select from the eligible applicants. Each applicant shall be notified of his/her employment standing by the HR Department, within fifteen (15) days from the date of the completion of the oral interview process. If more than one person starts employment on the same date, dispatch department seniority will be determined by the oral interview score. The highest scoring person will have more dispatch department seniority.
(e) Physical examination and drug test prior to employment. All applicants for positions in the police department, pursuant to all of the above requirements and who receive a conditional offer of employment, shall pass the Township’s pre-employment drug screening test, and pre-employment physical, as established by a Township appointed licensed physician or physician designee such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner at a licensed medical facility. A declaration of the applicant’s medical history shall be available to the examining medical professional and shall be subject to background investigation. The results of such exams shall be filed with the HR Department, prior to the applicant’s start of employment.
(f) Mental health fitness examination prior to employment. All applicants for positions in the police department, pursuant to all of the above requirements and who receive a conditional offer of employment, must demonstrate an acceptable level of mental health fitness, as established by a Township appointed licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist. A declaration of the applicant’s medical history shall be available to the examining Psychologist or Psychiatrist and shall be subject to background investigation.

Sec. 4. Vacancies.

(a) Vacancies. If more applicants pass the examination and oral interview than there are positions available, the Chief of Police shall fill vacancies in the police department by selecting from the eligible applicants. Conditional offers of employment shall be made by the HR Department in accordance with the provisions of this policy.
(b) New hires. The HR department shall make a conditional offer of employment, subject to the employee’s successful completion of Section (3), to any of the applicants selected by the Chief of Police.
(c) Part-time hiring. The Chief of Police may select any of the eligible applicants to be hired on a part-time basis.

Sec. 5. General.

(a) Amendments to this policy must be presented to the Board of Trustees and may be adopted, as modified, at a successive meeting.
(b) The current hiring policies shall be posted on the Township’s website.

Opening Date: 10/21/2022
Closing Date: 04/30/2023