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Chocolay Township: Public Safety Intern Program

Chocolay Township Police Department (CTPD) is excited to announce a unique opportunity for those that are interested in public service. Chocolay Township is in Marquette County, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is the southern neighbor to Marquette City, the largest city in the Upper Peninsula. Chocolay Township is a five-person department that patrols 60 square miles and serves over 6,000 residents. Our agency utilizes SUV, ORV, and snowmobiles to patrol our area. 

Chocolay Township Police and the Chocolay Township Fire Department would like to announce a Public Safety Intern program. The selected interns would experience both the law enforcement and fire fighting functions of public service. Successful interns would have the opportunity to be sponsored in a police academy or fire fighter training.

Our agency has current openings, and we are offering this new program to recruit the best candidates. This will be a paid internship; the interns would be considered part-time employees for the duration of the six-month program. If the intern desires and is selected, the employment status would become full time while attending the police academy. CTPD would ask for a two-year commitment to the department as a road patrol officer after successful completion of the police academy. 

An intern that desires and is selected to enter the fire department will be provided the training and continue as a part time paid volunteer of the Chocolay Township Fire Department.

The current wage for the intern position is $15.75 per hour, approximately 20 hours per week. Time would be split between the police and fire services as needed. 

Current wages for licensed officers range between $25/hr to $27.50/hr, depending on experience. Please send resume and letter of interest to Thank you for taking the time to consider our agency.

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