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St. Joseph Township Police Department: Police Officer - Full Time Closing Date: January 31, 2023

St. Joseph Charter Township Police Department is accepting resumes for a full-time police officer position. Officer patrols the Township in order to enforce state and federal laws. Duties to include but not limited to: investigate criminal activities, police accident scenes, respond to domestic and other disputes, and respond to a variety of services within the Township. 

Minimum Requirements:
- Be a US Citizen
- No arrest record
- Good moral character
- Possess a valid operator-s license. 
- Must be MCOLES licensed or licensable at the time the application is filed, must provide copy of licensure or letter from MCOLES with application. 
- Computer skills desirable. 

Applicants must be: 
- MCOLES licensed and/or licensable

Full Time Officers Wage: 
Wages range from $29.95 to start to $36.91 per hour after three years. 

Full Time Benefits: 
- Sick Leave
- Vacation
- Holiday Pay (12 holidays)
- Comprehensive Pay
- Uniforms Furnished/Cleaned
- Footwear provided
- Longevity Pay
- Health Insurance: Optical, Dental, Disability Life Insurance MERS Defined Benefit Pension Plan (no employee contribution)

Opening Date: 12/13/2022
Closing Date: 06/13/2023
Contact Person: Lieutenant Rick Knapp
Telephone: 269-429-6890
Website Link: