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Ann Arbor Police Department: Police Cadet Closing Date: February 27, 2023

The PSS Cadet Program is for non-licensed (pre-academy) applicants. The person who is selected for this position will have an evaluation period for a maximum of 12 months. During this time the PSS Cadet will work the Police front desk and be responsible for interacting with the public, conduct preliminary investigations for reports, complete traffic crash reports, administer preliminary breath test, fingerprint and photograph arrestees/defendants for court.

Upon the successful completion of the assimilation period the PSS Cadet will attend a regional police academy. The City will cover the cost for the academy tuition and all associated academy related costs, excluding room/board and food. Upon successful completion of this academy, the PSS Cadet will be hired into an entry-level police officer position and must successfully complete the Ann Arbor Police Department's field training officer program.
Cadets are paid $18.73 per hour.

Opening Date: 01/24/2023
Closing Date: 02/27/2023
Contact Person: Sergeant Jaime Crawford
Telephone: 734-794-6956
Website Link: