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Bangor Police Department: Full-Time Police Officer Closing Date: June 30, 2023

The City of Bangor is currently accepting applications for qualified candidates for the position of a full-time police officer. To apply, submit a cover letter and resume.

Bangor is a small city located in Southwest Michigan nestled within Van Buren County.  Bangor’s population is around 2,000 people; however, Bangor serves as a travel corridor between Kalamazoo and South Haven. Being only 15 minutes away from one of Michigan’s famous family-friendly Lake Michigan beaches, Bangor has thousands of visitors coming through the city each year.

Because law enforcement is a demanding career, the City of Bangor has reviewed the Bangor Police Department’s Employee Benefits. The employee benefits have been amended and developed to increase the police officer’s work life balance, reward longevity, and help maintain and increase employee satisfaction. 

Starting salary for a police officer position is between $49,920 - $56,160. Bangor Police Officers will be enrolled into a defined benefit plan (pension) through MERS. The City of Bangor uses 10 years of service to be vested. Police officers also receive a generous Vacation/PTO package that includes up to 200 hours of time off. Unused time off can be cashed in. Health Insurance is available through the City of Bangor offered through Priority Health. Dental and Vision insurance are available. The City of Bangor also provides a $1,200 annual Health Savings Account to full-time employees. 

Applicants must meet the licensing standards for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers. 

Opening Date: 3/17/2023
Closing Date: 6/30/2023

Contact Person: Chief Justin Weber
Telephone: 269-427-5801
Website Link: