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Meridian Township Police Department: Full-time Police Officer Closing Date: June 1, 2023



The Meridian Township Police Department is the first MACP accredited police agency in mid-Michigan. We are authorized to employ 41 full-time police officers and offer many specialized assignments including canine, DARE, SRT, motorcycles, CSI, investigators, as well as many others. We patrol 32 square miles in Okemos, Haslett, and East Lansing and provide police services to Williamstown Township which spans 30 square miles. We respond to approximately 20,000 calls for service annually. We are proud of the strong partnerships we have established with our community and put an emphasis on maintaining those partnerships.

The Meridian Township Police Department is filling multiple vacant positions.  Lateral transfers are encouraged and the starting pay will be based on previous experience in law enforcement.  Academy-sponsored positions are also available.  Recruits chosen for sponsorship will attend the Mid-Michigan Police Academy starting in August 2023.  All tuition and academy-related expenses including uniforms and equipment will be paid for and the recruit will receive a wage while they attend the police academy.  To be considered for a sponsorship, the recruit must have a minimum of two years of college credits at the conclusion of the police academy.  Applicants who do not meet this standard will not be considered for the position.  Additional requirements for all applicants include:

Wages and benefits include:

  • Starting Wage:  $52,298 (with Bachelor's Degree) or $51,667 (with Associates Degree)
  • Top wage after 4 years:  $70,218 (with Bachelor's Degree) or $69,586 (with Associates Degree)
  • Officers with prior law enforcement experience will be compensated financially according to their experience and time on the job
  • Pension: MERS Defined Benefit Plan with a 1.75% multiplier, F55/25, D-2 rider, and FAC-3; coupled with a Defined Contribution Plan with an Employer Contribution of 10% (base wages)
  • Retiree Health Savings: Employer Contribution of 7% (base wages)
  • Healthcare Package: Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverages for Officer and Eligible Dependents
  • Continuing education money available for full-time employees who want to further their education
  • Annual Longevity Pay
  • Vacation Leave: Up to 204 hours annually
  • Paid Holidays: 12-? holidays per year
  • All uniforms, equipment, and dry cleaning provided at no expense to the employee
  • 12 hour shifts

The minimum requirements for employment with our department are:

  • Two years of college education credits at minimum; undergraduate degree or higher preferred.
  • Be 21 years of age when you begin your employment with MTPD 
  • Possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle driver's license issued by the State of Michigan.
  • Be licensed/licensable by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) or be enrolled in a Police Academy
  • Out of state applicants who are either licensed or licensable from their home state may also apply
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Pass a background investigation 
Opening Date: 04/27/2023  
Closing Date: 06/01/2023  

Contact Person: Captain Rick Grillo  
Telephone: 517-853-4800  
Website Link: