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Westland Police Department: Entry Level or Lateral Full-Time Police Officer with NEW CONTRACT (Immediate Openings) Closing Date: December 31, 2023

The City of Westland recently increased the starting and top pay during contract negotiations.  With this approved contract, new officers will start at $63,000 with a top salary of $91,162 after 4 years, with a total compensation package of $131,708.  Lateral officers will come in with a higher starting salary year for year up to four years, with prior full-time experience.  Exterior molle vest carriers and relaxed beard/tattoo policy were recently approved as well.

The Westland Police Department is accepting applications from people who are:

  • licensable or licensed Police Officers, or
  • Currently attending a Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy, or 
  • Applicants who provide proof of successful completion of MCOLES physical and written tests AND either possess an Associate’s of higher degree, or are currently enrolled in college with 30 credits or more (Academy Sponsorship)
  • All applicants must successfully pass the Police Officer written examination offered through EMPCO ( and submit proof at time of application. This includes licensed Police Officers.

Fringe benefits include:

Uniform allowance, holiday pay, weapons qualification pay, optical, medical and insurance, dental, vacation, sick and personal leave days, life insurance and pension and;

  • Defined Benefit Pension plan with a multiplier of 2.25
  • Top Vacation accrual of 260 hours per year
  • 18 hours of sick time per month
  • At the employee’s option, excess sick hours are paid off at 100% for anything over 400 hours per year
  • Vacation hours above 240 will be paid off at 100% each year
  • 16 paid holidays
  • 72 hours of personal time per year.

Application and supporting documents must be submitted to the Westland City Clerk’s Office in person, by mail, or email at