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Ontwa Township Edwardsburg Police Department: Road Patrol Officer Closing Date: December 31, 2024

The Ontwa Township Edwardsburg Police Department is looking for a qualified candidate to fill a full-time position within our department. The department will consider sponsoring the right candidate to attend the police academy. Our department covers Ontwa Township and the Village of Edwardsburg, which encompasses 21 square miles including many lakes, located within Cass County, MI. We are located in Southwest Michigan just north of the Michigan/Indiana State Line.

CURRENT PAY AND BENEFITS (as of April 1, 2023, increasing in 2024):

  • All uniforms and equipment provided.
  • $100 boot allowance each year.
  • Full time employee pay is $26.78/hr. to start with an increase at one year to $30.63/hr. and a top out in 3 years at $32.05/hr. However, salary is negotiable based on years of experience.


  • Day shift 6a-6p
  • Night shift 6p-6a
  • Swing shift 12p-12a or 2p-2a


The department is part of the MERS contribution system and as of 2023 the employee must contribute $900 minimum. If the employee contributes $3500/yr. the employer will contribute $7500/yr.


  • The employer covers life insurance of $50,000.
  • The employer participates in Blue Cross Blue Shield Simply Blue HSA PPO GOLD $1750. The employer pays 100% of employee cost and 50% of dependent costs for full time employees. There is a monthly buyout if no insurance is taken by the employee.
  • The department also provides dental and vision insurance as well as short- and long-term disability.


  • 1-3 years is $1,000/yr. and goes up the more years of service to a maximum of $2,000/yr.


  • 11 paid holidays


  • 1-2 yrs. is 40 hrs/yr.
  • 3-5 yrs. is 80 hrs./yr.
  • 6-10 yrs. is 120 hrs./yr.
  • 11+ yrs. is 160 hrs./yr
  • Earned time off is 96 hrs./yr.
  • Compensation time off is 1.5x maxed at 96 hours.


Any interested candidates should submit their cover letter and resume to Chief Douglas Westrick, Administrative Clerk Deniece Schantz, or Sgt. Andrew Erickson in person, mail or via email.

Ontwa Township Edwardsburg Police Department
26296 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 650
Edwardsburg, MI 49112