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Riverview Police Department: Academy Sponsorship Closing Date: February 1, 2024

An employee in this position performs general duty police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances.  An employee in this position is responsible for the protection of life and property; prevention of crime; apprehension of criminals; and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances.  Work is performed in accordance with departmental rules and regulations and normally consists of duty with routine patrol and investigations.  Employees in this position are subject to assignments to shifts and types of duty according to the needs of the department and their possession of suitable experience and personal traits as determined by the Chief of Police.  Assignments may include criminal identification duties, accident investigations, random security patrol of building and property, plain clothes duty in the investigation of crimes and apprehension of criminals, traffic enforcement and control, and performing duties as police liaison to the schools by providing training and educational programs for students and the community.  Work involves an element of personal danger and officers must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent discretion in meeting emergencies.  Work assignments and general special instructions are received from a superior office who reviews work methods and result through examination of reports, personal inspection, and discussion of work problems and action taken.


  • ASSOCIATE DEGREE in Law Enforcement (enrolled in final semester is acceptable) or two years of related college-level coursework (60 credit hours) or a Bachelor or higher degree in any discipline including combined related experience.  
    Related experience may include certified PA330 Security Police, Corrections Officer/Deputy or prior certified Police Officer experience or graduation from or currently enrolled in a Michigan Police Academy -OR-
  • Minimum two years of any military duty with Honorable Discharge   -OR-
  • Minimum six years of Military Reserve or National Guard experience with an Honorable Discharge or currently active with good standing -OR-
  • Minimum six years of Police Reserve experience.
  • Current passing score on the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) Physical Agility and Written Tests. Apply directly with testing centers.
  • Must be capable of performing the essential functions of this position (listed on reverse) with or without reasonable accommodation as determined by a post-job-offer physical examination.
  • Must be willing to maintain residency within proximity to Riverview Police Headquarters no greater than that which would allow an officer to respond in a timely manner for duty during an emergency.


  • Must meet all employment standards for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers as established by MCOLES including:
  • A valid driver's license and good driving record. Out-of-state applicants must have a valid operators license from their state of residence and must obtain a Michigan operator's license after hire
  • Good moral character and no record of criminal convictions (including expungements).
  • U. S. Citizenship.
  • Minimum age, 18 years.
  • Must meet Michigan Law Enforcement Training Council testing requirements and physical standards (to be determined post-job offer) for certification as a police officer.


  • Applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Department
  • College transcripts
  • Written notification from MCOLES of Physical Agility and Written Test scores  - or -  MCOLES # if currently licensed.
  • DD214 (if applicable)

NOTE: Please do not include picture IDs, social security cards or birth certificates with application.

The applicant must submit documentation (diploma or transcript) certifying that he/she has obtained or will have obtained an associate degree recognized by the Michigan Department of Education by the application deadline.  In the event the applicant is attending a four-year college or university that does not offer an Associate Degree program, the applicant must provide documentation of having completed all general education requirements of the institution and a minimum of sixty (60) credit hours; or, alternatively, obtain a letter from the Academic Dean of an institution  that offers an Associate Degree program recognized by the Michigan Department of Education, certifying that if the candidate had transferred his/her credits from the four-year institution, that he/she would meet the requirements to possess an Associate Degree.  Applicants with out-of-state degrees must have their degrees certified by the Michigan Department of Education.

Good oral and written communication skills required.

Candidate must possess physical strength and agility, good general intelligence, and aptitude for police work, including the ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency or highly stressful situations.


  • After the close of applications, the Human Resources will review the applications to determine if the applicant has met the minimum requirements of the position.  Only those applicants meeting the minimum requirements of the position will be considered.
  • The results at each step in the application process will determine eligibility for continuation to subsequent steps.  The process will include application review, personal history questionnaire, oral-board interview, psychological evaluation, and background investigation.  Non-certified applicants who are selected will be enrolled in a police academy.  All candidates are required to successfully complete a Field Training Program.


NON-CERTIFIDED CANDIDATES (Part Time Temporary Recruit Officer): Fully covered Police Academy sponsorship Hourly rate of $19.00 to be paid based off 40-hour academy week Hiring is contingent on MCOLES approval and grant funding availability Must remain in good standing throughout duration of the academy.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: The City of Riverview is an equal opportunity employer and shall consider all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, height, weight, marital status, handicap, or any other protected category. Individuals with a disability who require assistance or an accommodation to apply for this position should contact Human Resources.

Applications, and all required supporting documents, can be submitted via email, fax or US mail to the following:

Attention: Human Resources
Phone: (734) 281-4238
Fax: (734) 282-0948
14100 Civic Park Drive   
Riverview, MI  48193