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Wayne County Airport Authority: Police Officer Closing Date: December 31, 2024

Job Duties:

  • Patrols Airport property in vehicles and on foot in order to ensure its general safety and prevent criminal activity.
  • Responds to calls for assistance, such as passenger screening checkpoint alarms, burglary alarms, assaults, vehicle accidents, and criminal activity.
  • Responds to emergency calls occurring on Airport Property such as airplane crashes, serious medical conditions i.e. heart attacks, bomb threats, potential hijacking, etc. Secures the scene of an emergency or crime; renders first aid and cardio pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and assists medical personnel as necessary.
  • Conducts field interrogations and interviews witnesses; apprehends and/or arrests persons who violate State and Local laws and regulations; preserves the scene of the crime and evidence; transports and books offenders into a detention facility; participates in investigations; appears in Court to give testimony in arrest or other cases.
  • Manages traffic and enforces traffic laws including issuance of Notices to Appear, accident and hit-and-run investigations and impaired driving arrests; directs traffic.
  • Provides law enforcement support for pre-flight screening activities in Airport terminals per Airport Ordinances and TSA regulations in order to prevent unauthorized entry of persons or materials into terminal sterile areas, boarding ramps, aircraft or the airfield.
  • Performs tasks assigned to specialized units which may include Canine, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), Special Response Unit (SRU), Bicycle, ID Technician, ASIU Investigation, to ensure effective performance of duty.
  • Other duties as assigned.