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Livonia Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: December 31, 2024

Now Hiring New Officers and Lateral Transfers.

Lateral Transfers get up to 5 years of credit towards their starting salary.


  • Top Base Pay 2024 - $86,257.60
  • Estimated Total Compensation 2024: $110,916.63
  • Top Base Pay 2026 - $91,520.00
  • Reach top pay after 6 years of Service
  • Lateral Transfers with 5 years experience reach top pay after just 1 year
  • 12 Hour Shifts
  • Defined Benefit Pension Retirement Plan
  • Medical/Dental/Optical
  • Deferred Compensation Savings Plan
  • Free College
  • Fully Covered Tuition and books up to and including a Master's Degree
  • Annual Holiday Bonus and College Degree Bonus
  • Fitness Incentive Time, Roll Call Time and Personal Business Time
  • Exercise on Duty
  • Beards and Tattoos Allowed
  • Outer vest Carriers


SWAT, Narcotics and Surveillance, Detective Bureau, School Resource Officer, K9 Unit, Special Victims Unit, Traffic Bureau, Crime Scene Unit, Auto Theft Unit, Federal Task Force positions including FBI, DEA and Fugitive Apprehension Team (USMS).



Any interested party who has more questions can contact Sgt. Painter at 734-466-2309 or