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Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office: Prosecutor's Detective Closing Date: December 30, 2024

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office – Criminal Investigations Division is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Prosecutor’s Detective to conduct investigations in our Mortgage and Deed Fraud Unit. We are accepting resumes from interested applicants who are energetic, dedicated, and professional individuals who possess strong investigative skills, keen attention to detail, and a passion for upholding justice.

Minimum Requirements to Apply:

  • Possess a valid license with a good driving record.
  • Must pass a drug screening.
  • High School or College Diploma.
  • Must pass a background investigation.
  • Must pass an oral board interview. 

    All applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Be MCOLES licensed. 
  • Have been a police officer with at least 10 years of full-time experience.
  • Have a minimum of five years of criminal investigative experience.

    Job Description and Duties:
    Detectives in this role will play a vital part in investigating mortgage and deed fraud within Wayne County and all ancillary crimes associated with same. Detectives will be responsible for conducting thorough investigations working towards successful prosecution of individuals involved in fraudulent mortgage and deed activities.

    (Note: The following job duties are examples of the work performed by Detectives in this position. Not all duties required of this position are included, and it is not expected that all duties will be assigned daily.)
  • Investigate mortgage and deed fraud cases within Wayne County.
  • Oversee and coordinate investigations as officer-in-charge.
  • Conduct criminal investigations, gather evidence, and analyze financial records.
  • Utilize forensic analysis to examine financial documents and property records.
  • Conduct interviews and interrogations of suspects, witnesses, and victims.
  • Review and analyze data related to fraud cases.
  • Prepare well-documented arrest and search warrants.
  • Maintain detailed and organized case files.
  • Collaborate with prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement, and other financial institutions. 

    Job Qualifications:
    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Previous experience with finance based criminal investigations.
  • Knowledge of white-collar crime investigations, fraud and forgery investigations, mortgage and deed fraud schemes and the relevant laws associated with these crimes. 
  • Working knowledge of city, county, state, and federal criminal laws.
  • Knowledge of rules, regulations, and policies relevant to the job.
  • Familiarity with law enforcement methods, procedures, policies, and the laws governing law enforcement officers' powers and authorities.
  • Knowledge of criminal investigative methods and techniques.
  • Ability to function effectively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to work independently, when necessary, even in difficult circumstances, and operate effectively with little supervision.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Proficiency in working with computers and law enforcement computer programs necessary to perform the job.
  • Ability to gather evidence from various sources, organize and analyze it, and draw conclusions.
  • Understanding of chain of custody issues, rules of evidence in court, witness testimony, interview, and interrogation techniques.

    Physical Requirements:
  • Must be able to perform all the duties of an MCOLES licensed Police Officer.
  • Must have the ability to perform assigned tasks.
  • Must be proficient with firearms and able to qualify yearly under MCOLES Standards

    Working Conditions:
    May be required work in a hostile or adversarial environment, exposure to inclement weather and potentially work overtime. It is essential to uphold a consistently professional demeanor while performing duties both within the office and out in the field. 

    To Apply:
    Submit the following documents to with the subject line "Prosecutor’s Detective Openings":
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Copy of current MCOLES licensure
  • Copy of High School or College Diploma