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Greenville Department of Public Safety: Public Safety Officer Closing Date: July 1, 2024

The City of Greenville is accepting applications for Public Safety Officer positions within the Greenville Department of Public Safety.

A Public Safety Officer is responsible to perform actions within the areas of law enforcement, fire suppression, and rescue tactics, including active police patrol, preventing crime, maintaining civil order, regulating traffic, protecting life and property, and initiating crime and fire prevention techniques.

Work is performed under the supervision of a Public Safety Sergeant or the Deputy Director of Public Safety.

Law Enforcement Orientated:

  • Proactively patrol an assigned area either on foot or in a vehicle to prevent crime and disorder, protect life and property, direct traffic, investigate accidents; enforce motor vehicle operations, parking regulations, federal and state laws and local ordinances.
  • Investigate crimes and suspicious activities, apprehend and arrest violators of the law, gather evidence, and assist in prosecuting law violators.
  • Maintain police presence at large gatherings, special events, and community happenings, to increase the public relations aspect of the department, as well as deter possible disorder.
  • Prepare reports and other records as required, such as complete daily logs, evidence logs, traffic crash reports, fire reports, court documents, traffic tickets, and parking tickets, in a proper and correct format.
  • Inspect liquor sales establishments.
  • Testify under oath in criminal and civil proceedings.
  • Maintain and show competency in law enforcement training standards as outlined by the Department rules and regulations, as well as state mandates.
  • Fire Suppression Orientated: Respond to fire alarms, operate firefighting equipment and apparatus, and perform normal fire suppression duties (connect and control hose lines and nozzles, erect ladders, turn water on and off, use extinguishers, axes, hooks, lifelines, and other tools).
  • Remove and rescue people from danger.
  • Perform general maintenance and upkeep of the public safety building, equipment, and apparatus.
  • Recognized community fire hazards and report such to Building Department of Code Enforcement officials.
  • Maintain proficiencies and competencies in fire service standards and mandates, outlined by Department rules and regulations, as well as state mandates.
  • Medical Orientated: Perform basic first aid, CPR, Naloxone, and utilize an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED); maintain proficiency dictated by certifying agencies.
  • Community Orientated: Serve criminal processes, including warrants and subpoenas, and appear in court when necessary.
  • Assist in fingerprinting and photographing.
  • Assist disabled motorists, persons desiring information, elderly, or ill persons.
  • Assist in Code Enforcement responsibilities.

Applicants must be MCOLES licensed or licensable, possessing a minimum of an Associates Degree.  Successful applicants must pass a background check; passing a medical, physical, and psychological exam, including drug screening and fit testing, is also required.   Good moral character, valid drivers license, and the ability to obtain required job-related certifications is required.

Preferred applicants will meet the required qualifications, and have Firefighter I and II certification.  The City of Greenville will sponsor those hired without firefighter training through a fire academy.

The department works 12 hour shifts on a rotating basis.  Every other weekend the officer receives Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off shift.  Numerous overtime opportunities are available as well.

Wages are between $58,422 to $63,069 to start, topping out after four years at $74,194.85, with benefit package. depending on experience and qualifications.   Generous benefits package including employer fully paid health insurance plan, Defined Benefit MERS retirement (B4, 25/55, 2.5x multiplier) offered, all uniforms are supplied, and payouts for comp and training time accrued are provided.  Individuals applying with MCOLES, Firefighter I and II, and experience will be considered for up to two years lateral service credit. 

Accident/Crash Investigation Unit, Fire Investigation Unit, Firearms Unit instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, School Resource Officer position, Detective position, and Fire Service instructor positions.  Officers selected for the Police Field Training Officer position earn 16% more per shift when training new Public Safety Officers.

Resumes, applications, and letter of interest will be accepted until July 1, 2024. Submit information to

Please direct all question to: Director Brian Blomstrom by email at or calling 616-754-9161 x3.