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Lansing Police Department: Police Officer Closing Date: September 5, 2024

This posting is for candidates who are certified Police Officers, currently enrolled, attending, and/or graduated from an accredited Police Academy, or have previous law enforcement work experience. Out of State certified candidates are encouraged to apply.

Current salary: $54,979 to $78,576, maximum pay reached in 5 years.

Future contractual maximum salary:
7-1-24: $80,933 (3%), 7-1-25: $83,360 (3%)

Lateral starting salary: Increased starting salary up to Step 4 based on prior police, military, and/or specialized training.
Step 2 $59,138.78
Step 3 $63,728.51
Step 4 $68,287.71

Vest bonus: $1,000 annually in addition to salary.

Longevity: Annual payments per years of service:
5-10 years: $400
10-15 years: $800
15-20 years: $1,200
20+ years: $1,600

Clothing allowance: 2% or 4% pay increase based on certain assignments.

Shift differential: Increased pay for working noon or night shifts.

Overtime: Countless overtime opportunities (bar district, CATA, parades, events, etc)

Education hiring bonus: Candidates with a Bachelors Degree start at Step 2 on the salary scale ($59,138.78) Masters Degree start at Step 3 ($63,728.51).

Pension: Defined benefit pension.
Eligible to retire at 25 years of service and 50 years of age.
3.0 multiplier of base wage (75% at 25 years of service).
Additional 1% allowance for years 25-30 for a maximum of 80% of base wage.
Employee pension contributions are 10% of wages on pensionable items only (10% pension contribution is NOT deducted from overtime payments).

Reciprocal Retirement: Can earn LPD pension credit for prior service from another Reciprocal Retirement System if certain criteria is met (State of Michigan only). Details can be obtained from the City of Lansing Retirement Office.

Deferred Compensation: 457 plans offered by the City via VOYA and T. Rowe Price.

MERS Health Savings Account: Employee contributes 3% and the City contributes 4% of base wages annually.  Vesting is five (5) years of service.

Sick time:
12 days annually (96 hours).
Up to 4 days (32 hours) of unused sick leave paid annually per Collective Bargaining Agreement details.
Up to 90 days (720 hours), paid upon retirement.

Personal time: 40 hours annually.

1-5 years: 96 hours
5-10 years: 104 hours
10-15 years: 136 hours
15-20 years: 176 hours
20+ years: 192 hours

Compensatory time: 1.5 hours for each overtime hour. Maximum accrual 120 hours.

Holidays: 13 paid Holidays per year.

Bereavement: 5 days paid for death of immediate family member/spouse?s family member. 1 day paid for non-immediate family members.

Scheduling: Officers bid for their work schedules every 6 weeks.
10-hour shifts (Patrol).

Promotional opportunities:
Ability to promote to Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, Chief.

Special Assignments:
ATF task force officer, K9, Community Police Officer, Community School Officer, Community Service Officer, Court Officer, CSI, DEA task force officer, Detective IIC (temporary Detective assignment), Motorcycle Officer, Property and Supply, Range Officer, Special Operations; Section (undercover narcotics), SOS Regulatory Officer, Traffic Follow-up, Violent Crime Impact team.

Additional departmental opportunities:
Tactical Team Operator, Dive Team, Drone Operator, Honor Guard, LPD Mentor, FTO, Crisis Negotiator, Recruiting Team, Emergency
Vehicle Operations Instructor, GREAT officer, LPD Explorer Cadre, Peer Support, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Accident Investigator, and

Health Insurance: Coverage under either Blue Cross Blue Shield or PHP. Employees on the Base plan will receive a $400 cash bonus annually.
Base: $40.00 co-pay for office visits. Prescription drug co-pays are $10/$40/$80. $1000/single and $2000/family in network deductible and
80% co-insurance. Emergency room service $250 and Urgent Care $60 co-pays.

Option 1: $30.00 co-pay for office visits.  Prescription drug co-pays are $10/$40/$80.  $500/single and $1000/family in network deductible and 80% co-insurance. Emergency room service $150 and Urgent Care visit $50 co-pays.

Option 2: $10.00 co-pay for office visits, Urgent Care co-pay $20.00 and Emergency Room co-pay $50.00 (waived in admitted to the
hospital).  Prescription drugs co-pays are $5.00 generic/$20.00 name brand co-payment/$40.00 non-formulary, with a mandatory
generic drug plan program.

Opt Out:  Employees can opt out of the City?s health care plan if they have coverage from another source. Payments are based on bargaining unit member participation:
Less than 20 members $1,500, 20 or more members $2,500. Paid annually.

Vision: Blue Cross/Blue Shield VSP.  Includes vision exams with a $5.00 co-pay and lenses and frames coverage with a $10.00 co-pay once every twelve months.

Dental Insurance: No premium, coverage includes employee and family, $1,200 maximum for Class I, II, & III benefits and $3,000 orthodontic maximum.
Delta Dental - 100% coverage for cleaning; 50% coverage for treatment costs with an $1,200 maximum per person per contract year.
Employees and dependents will also receive orthodontic coverage which provides fifty percent (50%) of treatment costs with a $3,000.00
lifetime maximum per person.

Midwestern Dental Plan - Coverage includes 100% coverage for cleaning, oral exams, and biannual x-rays.  Other services with

Facilities: Brand new facility expected summer of 2026 to include Police Headquarters, Jail, and District Court.

Relaxed facial hair and tattoo policies.

Training: Countless quality training opportunities beyond required annual qualifications.

Equipment: All equipment provided at no cost.
External vests are worn by all uniform personnel.
Free dry cleaning.

Diverse and community-oriented agency providing professional service beyond traditional enforcement.

Large agency with numerous opportunities: 212 authorized sworn officer strength.

Military members: Military friendly department with established military leave policies and Collective Bargaining Agreement guidelines.

Life Insurance:  $50,000 of group life and $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance free to the employee. Dependent life insurance coverage available for a reasonable cost.

Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement: Employees can pay for medical expenses/dependent care with pretax dollars through AFLAC. AFLAC also offers supplemental insurances that may be purchased on a pretax basis through payroll deduction.

Education Reimbursement: Employees may receive up to five hundred ($500) dollars per fiscal year for tuition expenses for approved courses.

Parking: Parking provided at no cost to the employee.

The City of Lansing is an Equal Opportunity and Certified Veteran Friendly Employer.

Apply now at:

Out of State candidates: refer to MCOLES Recognition of Prior Basic Training and Experience (RPTE) program here: