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Basic Training Curriculum Surveys

I. Investigation

A. Introduction to Investigation

  1. Constitutional Law |Review|Survey|

B. Substantive Criminal Law

  1. Laws Regarding Crimes Against Persons |Review|Survey|
  2. Laws Regarding Crimes Against Property |Review|Survey|
  3. Laws Regarding Contraband and Regulatory Crimes |Review|Survey|
  4. Laws Regarding Public Order Crimes |Review|Survey|
  5. Laws of Evidence |Review|Survey|
  6. Juvenile Law |Review|Survey|

C. Criminal Procedure

  1. Laws of Admissions and Confessions |Review|Survey|
  2. Interrogation Procedures |Review|Survey|
  3. Laws of Arrest |Review|Survey|
  4. Arrest Procedures |Review|Survey|
  5. Laws on Search Warrants |Review|Survey|
  6. Search Warrant Procedures |Review|Survey|
  7. Laws on Warrantless Searches |Review|Survey|
  8. Warrantless Search Procedures |Review|Survey|
  9. Laws on Suspect Identification |Review|Survey|

D. Investigation

  1. On-scene Preliminary Investigation |Review|Survey|
  2. Preliminary Witness Interviewing |Review|Survey|
  3. Preliminary Investigation of Deaths |Review|Survey|
  4. Suspect Identification Procedures |Review|Survey|

E. Court Functions and Civil Law

  1. Court Functions and Civil Law |Review|Survey|

F. Crime Scene Process

  1. Crime Scene Search |Review|Survey|
  2. Recording the Crime Scene |Review|Survey|
  3. Collection and Preservation of Evidence |Review|Survey|
  4. Processing Property |Review|Survey|

G. Special Investigations

  1. Vulnerable Person Abuse and Neglect Investigation |Review|Survey|
  2. Sexual Assault Investigation |Review|Survey|
  3. Narcotics, Dangerous Drugs and Weapons |Review|Survey|
  4. Human Trafficking |Review|Survey|

H. Investigation of Domestic Violence

  1. Nature and Prevalence of Domestic Violence |Review|Survey|
  2. Laws Regarding Domestic Violence |Review|Survey|
  3. Domestic Violence Response Procedures |Review|Survey|

III. Detention and Prosecution

A. Receiving and Booking Process

  1. Searching and Fingerprinting Prisoners |Review|Survey|
  2. Prisoner Care and Treatment |Review|Survey|

B. Case Prosecution

  1. Warrant Preparation |Review|Survey|
  2. Warrant Request and Arraignment |Review|Survey|
  3. Preparation For Legal Proceedings |Review|Survey|
  4. Testimony and Case Critique |Review|Survey|

C. Civil Process

  1. Civil Process |Review|Survey|

V. Traffic

A. Motor Vehicle Law

  1. Michigan Vehicle Code: Content and Uses |Review|Survey|
  2. MVC:  Words and Phrases |Review|Survey|
  3. MVC Offenses: Classification, Application and Jurisdiction |Review|Survey|
  4. Application of Vehicle Laws and Regulations |Review|Survey|

B. Vehicle Stops

  1. Vehicle and Driver Licensing |Review|Survey|
  2. Observation and Monitoring of Traffic |Review|Survey|
  3. Auto Theft |Review|Survey|
  4. Stopping Vehicles and Occupant Control |Review|Survey|

C. Traffic Control and Enforcement

  1. Traffic Direction and Control |Review|Survey|
  2. Traffic Warnings, Citations and Arrests |Review|Survey|

D. Operating While Intoxicated

  1. Standard Field Sobriety Testing |Review|Survey|

E. Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Investigation

  1. Introduction to Traffic Crash Investigation |Review|Survey|
  2. Preliminary Investigation at Traffic Crashes |Review|Survey|
  3. Uniform Traffic Crash Report (UD-10) |Review|Survey|
  4. Locating and Identifying Traffic Crash Victims and Witnesses |Review|Survey|
  5. Traffic Crash Evidence Collection: Field Sketching and Measuring |Review|Survey|
  6. Traffic Crash Evidence Collection: Roadway Surface |Review|Survey|
  7. Traffic Crash Evidence Collection: The Vehicle |Review|Survey|
  8. Traffic Crash Follow-Up and Completion |Review|Survey|