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2024 Law Enforcement Distribution

As mandated by Public Act 302 of 1982, as amended, the purpose of the law enforcement distribution (LED) program is to annually distribute justice training funds to eligible agencies for in-service criminal justice training of their MCOLES-licensed law enforcement officers.

For the purpose of distributions, an agency's full-time equivalent (FTE) count is determined by the sum of hours worked by all MCOLES-licensed officers as reported by the agency in the prior year's Annual Registration, divided by 2080 and rounded down to the next closest whole number.

The Spring 2024 Law Enforcement Distribution (LED) was released by MCOLES on April 18, 2024. Every eligible agency with an FTE count of two or more received a payment of $166.10 for each FTE. For those agencies with an FTE count fewer than two, the minimum payment of $250.00 was issued.

Spring 2024 Distribution Report by Law Enforcement Agency
Spring 2024 Summary Totals Report