Day in the Life

Want to Know What a Food Inspector's Day Looks Like? Food Inspector Katrina Sokol Shows You

Take a behind the scenes look at how MDARD works every day at food establishments across our state to assure a safe and wholesome food supply.


What Happens During a Typical Dairy Inspection in Michigan? Dairy Inspector Rick Sokol Shows You

Take a behind the scenes look at dairy inspections with Dairy Inspector Rick Sokol of the Food & Dairy Division. Thanks to Robert and Jeanette Marten and family at Marten Family Dairy LLC!


Samantha Hartman, Weights and Measures Inspector for MDARD, Checks Michigan Gas Pumps for Credit Card Skimmers

MDARD staff like Samanatha are on the front lines of protecting Michigan consumers from credit card fraud.


John Hill and Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Staff Conduct Aerial Spraying Calibration for Gypsy Moth Applications

Each year MDARD conducts aerial pesticide testing at a small airfield in Michigan. These testing events are important to ensure that when aerial pesticides are being applied, it’s done properly, hitting it’s designated areas which help protect the environment and eliminate drift.


The Joy of Inspecting Michigan Christmas Trees with Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Inspector Jim Loncar

The work of our Pesticide and Plant Pest Management inspectors is essential for Michigan’s nursery and landscape industry to compete in a growing global market. We help prevent businesses from accidentally shipping an invasive pest or disease to another state.