Natasha H., Senior Food Industry Scientist


“Being a food inspector allows me to help store owners and consumers understand the importance of food safety. I also appreciate being able to work a flexible work schedule which helps me balance my work life with my busy family life.”

Natasha H.
Senior Food Industry Field Scientist
MDARD Food and Dairy Division


Sean M., Weights and Measures Inspector


“I enjoy working in the field instead of being in an office setting every day. By conducting inspections on various weighing and measuring devices, I’m helping to ensure the people of the State of Michigan are getting what they pay for.”

Sean M.
Weights & Measures Inspector
MDARD Laboratory Division


Elizabeth W., Emergency Management Analyst


“Every day I get to work with a passionate, tight-knit team to problem-solve and protect the public during emergencies ranging from foodborne illness and foreign animal disease outbreaks to natural disasters like flooding. No two days are alike, and I know what I do makes a difference.”

Elizabeth W.
Emergency Management Analyst
MDARD Executive Office