Current COVID-19 Regulatory Actions

The following food establishments are currently subject to regulatory action by the local health department in their jurisdiction and/or the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for failure to comply with the public health provisions of the Michigan Food Law.

This information was last updated on May 13, 2021.

Summary Suspension of Food Establishment License

Summary suspension is the immediate removal of a food establishment license when the regulating authority determines there is an imminent public health hazard or nuisance. The food establishment may initiate legal proceedings by petitioning for a hearing. Summary suspension usually follows the failure of a business to abide by a cease and desist order.

CafĂ© Rosetta, Calumet (12/2/20) - Dissolved 3/8/21

Bullseye Marketplace, Three Rivers (12/7/20)

Spanglers Family Restaurant, Jonesville (12/14/20) - Dissolved 2/19/21

Iron Pig Smoke House, Gaylord (12/29/20) - Dissolved 2/12/21

All Star Coney Island, Howell (12/29/20) - Dissolved 1/28/21

Marlena's Bistro and Pizzeria, Allegan (1/20/21)

Cease and Desist Order

MDARD or a local health department may order immediate cessation of operation of a food establishment upon determination that continued operation would create an imminent or substantial hazard to the public health. A food establishment ordered to cease food operations is ordered not to resume operations until the director determines the conditions responsible for the order to cease operations no longer exist. If the director orders an immediate cessation of operation of a food establishment, the license holder may request an administrative hearing or request a reinspection.

Silver Tavern, Sanilac County (12/1/20) - Dissolved 2/26/21

Linda Lou's, Sanilac County (12/1/20)

Big Boy/Sandusky Family Restaurant, Sandusky (12/2/20) - Dissolved 2/17/21

Charlie's Family Grill, Fremont (12/4/20)

Cravins, Hudson (12/4/20) - Dissolved 2/2/21

D&R Daily Grind, Portage (12/4/20) - Dissolved 2/18/21

Royal Scot, Lansing (12/7/20) - Dissolved 1/6/21

Chapz Roadhouse, Lakeview (12/7/20) - Dissolved 2/18/21

Cast Iron Kitchen, Manton (12/11/20) - Dissolved 2/26/21

Bowen's Family Dining, Delton (12/15/20) - Dissolved 3/3/21

All Star Coney Island, Howell (12/17/20) - Replaced by Summary Suspension 12/29/20

Marlena's Bistro and Pizzeria, Holland (12/30/20) - Replaced by Summary Suspension 1/20/21

Sunrise Family Diner, Howell (1/15/21) - Dissolved 2/2/21

Sue's Kountry Kitchen, Cedar Springs (1/15/21)

Bernita Mae Cafe, Lake (1/15/21) - Dissolved 2/18/21

Wild Roast Coffee Co., Grandville (1/15/21) - Dissolved 2/8/21

Lakeside Inn, Lake (1/15/21)