Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council: Wine Industry Resources

The Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council is a 12-member Council established by the Legislature to promote Michigan's wine and wine grape-growing industries.

The Council's website (www.michiganwines.com) provides a variety of resource materials that can be helpful in understanding the requirements for establishing and maintaining a vineyard or winery business in Michigan. Resource materials include the "Michigan Wine Industry Resource Guide," a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and complexities of starting a winery business in Michigan.

You'll also find links to other relevant information, including:

* A variety of resources from Michigan State University and other educational institutions

* Good Manufacturing Practices for Michigan Wineries

* MDARD Food Establishment Licensing Guide

* Wine Advocacy Groups

* National and International Wine Competitions

After you have reviewed the material referenced on the website, please contact Karel Bush at 517-284-5742, bushk9@michigan.gov to discuss your business plans and be directed to additional resources.

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