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    The mission of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's International Marketing Program is to assist Michigan food and agriculture businesses in developing trade opportunities to effectively export their products and achieve economic growth. The International Marketing Program helps Michigan producers and processors in developing trade opportunities by entering new markets or expanding existing markets to increase international market reach. Click here for an overview of Michigan’s agricultural exports.

    Do you want to expand your market reach internationally? Are you interested in assistance with food or agricultural exports? Below you will find links to food and agriculture export marketing programs and services that the International Marketing Program offers in conjunction with various partners and service providers. For an overview of a few of the programs and services that are offered, please see this "Working Together to Reach the World" export brochure. 

    Contact the International Marketing Program: 

    Jamie Zmitko-Somers
    International Marketing Program Manager
    517-284-5738 - zmitkoj@michigan.gov

    Allie Fox VanDriel
    International Marketing Program Coordinator
    517-284-5737 - foxa1@michigan.gov


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