Export Consulting Services

Export Assistance

Is your business ready to export, but in need of assistance with financing, legal issues, or the logistics required to send food products into foreign countries?

The International Marketing Program can provide export assistance as well as refer export service providers that specialize in:

  • Market Research
  • Trade Leads
  • Website Services
  • Documentation
  • Export Management
  • Legal Services
  • International Finance
  • Due Diligence
  • Translation Services
  • Labeling Services
  • International Freight and Logistics

For assistance or to receive a list of service providers, contact the International Marketing Program staff at 517-284-5738 (Jamie Zmitko-Somers) or 517-284-5737 (Allie Fox VanDriel).


Food Export Helpline!TM 

Food Export-Midwest provides the Food Export HelplineTM, a service for new and experienced companies with questions about exporting. The Helpline connects you to industry experts with over 34 years of experience for personalized, one-on-one export assistance unique to your company, products, and export markets. Get answers to questions on a variety of topics ranging from your products market potential in a particular country, to assistance with export documentation, calculating export prices, and free trade compliance principles.

Follow the link to learn more and to register for Food Export HelplineTM.

Other Export Consulting Services

Listed below are links to other organizations that provide export assistance for agriculture and food exports:

  • Export.gov

    • This website offers companies an extensive list of opportunities specifically tailored to help with exporting. Export.gov directs companies to services including:
      • Market research
      • Trade events
      • Trade leads
      • Training material, including webinars & seminars

  • Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) Trade Facilitation Desk

    • The FAS Trade Facilitation Desk connects exporters with FAS experts who provide information on:
      • Export certification
      • Registration
      • Documentation requirements
      • Federal agencies
      • Foster lines of communication between exporters & federal agencies
    • To reach the desk, companies may email agexport@fas.usda.gov or call 202-720-CERT(2378)
  • Van Andel Global Trade Center (VAGTC)

    • The VAGTC provides companies with a comprehensive list of services to help increase global business. Services include:
      • International consulting services & export assessments
      • Customized on-site international training & resource development
      • Technical & cultural training & facilities
      • Cultural assistance & language services 
      • Matchmaking, trade missions & international business development
      • International market research provider & resource center
      • Worldwide credit reports

    • The Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER) provides companies with a multitude of services to help companies grow internationally. Services offered by MSU CIBER include:
      • Information about global trends to help educate companies on the top opportunity markets
      • Knowledge and resources for exporting
      • Customer targeting skills
      • globalEDGE: the leading online source for international business resources
    • Companies can connect with globalEDGE by going to www.globalEDGE.msu.edu.
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

    • The MEDC is committed to assisting companies outside of the food and agriculture industry with international exporting. Services include:
      • Increasing awareness of export opportunities and resources
      • Strengthening the knowledge and skills required for success in international markets
      • Introducing Michigan companies to promising export markets
      • Delivering on-the-ground support in key Michigan export markets
      • Arranging financial assistance for qualified export development activities
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

    • The Michigan SBDC offers expert assistance to companies that are looking to begin exporting or expand their export opportunities. Services that the SBDC offers include:
      • Market research
      • Export Diversification Planning
      • Financial Management
      • International Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Learn more about SBDC's services.
    • Get in contact with your local SBDC representative using this SBDC Export Assistance Map.