Export Market Research

Euromonitor Hotzone Reports

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development’s International Marketing Program has partnered with Euromonitor International to develop export opportunity analysis reports for key Michigan food and agriculture industries.

Michigan food and agriculture companies can access the reports for FREE today at https://miagexport.com/.

Euromonitor Reports Infographic


Market Builder

Finding the right market for your product is essential for export success. Market Builder is a low risk and cost effective service that offers customized services to help suppliers find the right market and buyer for their products through:

  • Store Check and Distribution Analysis: Offers the brand names, packages, sizes, regular retail prices, current price specials, and shelf space allotments for similar products.

  • Competitive Product Shopping: First-hand information and samples of similar and competing products sold in the market.

  • Importation Analysis: Import regulations and restrictions affecting the importation of your product into a country.

  • Distributor Referrals: Importer feedback on package size, labeling, taste, appearance, price and marketability.

  • Target Importer List: Includes contact names/information and a brief summary of importers’ profiles.

  • Assistance with in-market meetings

Market Builder has two components: MarketScan ($450) and RepFinder ($550). The Market Builder Package is also available and includes both the MarketScan & Repfinder for a total of $800. Market Builder is available in the following markets:

North & South America
Argentina, Brazil, Canada,
Caribbean, Chile, Colombia,
Costa Rica, El Salvador,
Guatemala, Honduras,
Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama,
Paraguay, Uruguay

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Czech Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, France, Germany,
Italy, Latvia, Lithuanian, Luxemburg,
Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia,
Sweden, United Kingdom

Middle East
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,
Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
United Arab Emirates

China, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,
Philippines, Singapore,
South Korea, Taiwan,
Thailand, Vietnam