Laboratory Services

Agriculture & Rural Development's Geagley Laboratory Building in East Lansing 

The Laboratory Division provides scientific and analytical services for the programs of the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development and other agencies.  In addition, the division provides testing and consulting services on a fee basis to Michigan's industry and private citizens. 


Regulatory Services: 


The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development's William C. Geagley Laboratory ranks as one of the top pesticide and food safety laboratories in the nation, and serves as one of the most important consumer protection watchdogs in the state. 


The laboratory examines samples of gasoline, foods, beverages, pesticides and feeds to verify labels, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to guarantee product quality and sanitation. The lab monitors food and feed for contaminants, tests blood and urine from race horses to ensure performance altering drugs were not used, and tests livestock to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  The lab performs octane, alcohol, lead and additional tests on gasoline to help ensure the quality of motor fuels purchased by Michigan citizens. 


Image of EC Heffron Metrology Laboratory in Williamston, Michigan The E. C. Heffron Metrology Laboratory is one of only five in the country to achieve accreditation through the National Voluntary Lab Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (view NVLAP Certificate of Accreditation).  The laboratory has also received the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Certificate of Measurement Traceability (view NIST Certificate of Measurement Traceability).  These accomplishments allow the laboratory to provide the highest quality calibration services to the state's Motor Fuels Quality and Weights and Measures enforcement and inspection programs. 


The laboratory provides mass, volume, length, time and temperature calibrations.  The laboratory also serves Michigan's automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, service and other high tech industries requiring traceable calibrations by an accredited source. 



Service to Citizens and Industry: 


The Laboratory Division offers a variety of fee based analytical services to Michigan's citizens and industry through its Geagley and Heffron facilities including animal testing, weights and measures calibrations, bean seed disease testing, and animal drug tests. 



Directions to the Geagley Laboratory 


Directions to the Heffron Metrology Laboratory