Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Program

Contact: Josh Grant 517-284-5651
Agency: Agriculture and Rural Development

The Fruit and Vegetable (F&V) Inspection Program offers an unbiased, third-party inspection service for the produce industry in Michigan and throughout the United States. F & V inspections are based on both USDA and Michigan standards, processor specifications, and /or industry requests. USDA standards are used nationwide as a basis for purchase and resolving disputes. With the exception of federal programs and exports, the program is voluntary.  All F & V staff are required to be licensed by USDA on each commodity they inspect.

Market Inspections

Inspections are conducted on incoming produce entering the channels of trade from anywhere in the world. Market inspections protect the buyer, broker, and consumer from receiving sub-standard produce. Michigan's produce buyers/brokers/receivers use market inspections to resolve disputes that may end up in court. This type of inspection is vital for the survival of the produce industry in Michigan.

Process Inspections

Inspection on produce is based upon USDA standards and/or processor specifications.  Process inspections protect Michigan farmers by providing them with an unbiased, third party inspection on the produce they deliver to the process plant.  Process inspection is voluntary.

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